Please honor Mother Teresa's centenary

Aug 13 2010 - 4:46pm

Mother Teresa's centenary will not be honored on August 26. The owner of the Empire State Building in New York City gave no reason. Yet, genocidal maniacs who worked under Mao Zedong in 2009 were highlighted. A lighting tribute to the U.S. Marines was denied in 2008.

Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is calling for a rally on that date at the Empire State Building. He's asking people all over America to wear blue and white, the colors of her order. He has garnered support from liberals, conservatives, moderates, people of every religious and ethnic affiliation as well as bishops, priests and lay leaders. The bishops in India are outraged. Buildings in New York, and from Miami to Belfast will be lit.

The world is anxious to say they wish to honor a humanitarian and have not forgotten Mother Teresa. Please honor her by wearing her colors on that day.

Look for coverage from responsible TV stations. Call Donohue at 212-271-3191 for details. Locally, you may call me, Dorothea Masur.

Dorothea E. Masur


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