Take tobacco users outside and shoot them

Aug 27 2010 - 2:38pm

(UNEDITED)Again (Friday 27 August 2010) we are regaled with another article commenting on another proposed law restricting tobacco and its' usage. With all the non-smokers condemning the the usage of this legal product, taxing its purchase, and increasing health care costs to users, and having the legal right to terminate employment of its users; I believe that the non-smokers should stop with this persecution and go right to the end game.

Propose the simple outlawing of tobacco in the state of Utah. Take all users of this obviously pagan product out on the side of the road and shoot them. Then you can do the same as the Communists Chinese Government and charge the family of the condemned with the price of the bullet. OOPS, we would loose the tax revenue and the Tobacco Settlement money, but that's okay, the State can then say "we Utahans are better than the rest of the country" and on the the next evil, "alcohol".

John S. Hill



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