Gangs take away our right to a safe neighborhood

Sep 7 2010 - 1:50pm

(UNEDITED)People all over the country and in Ogden live behind bars as prisoners in their own homes because a few people in their community decide that being a gang member is a good career choice. The vast majority of inner city residents are denied their basic constitutional rights to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" by a small group of home grown urban terrorists. The gang problem is so bad inSouthern California no amount of money can move you into a neighborhood that does not have a gang problem. If gang member parents are raising their children to live "the life" then perhaps that is an issue DCFS needs to look into. Being a gang member or other criminal is a choice...the vast majority of the people that grow up and live in the same or worse circumstances do not become criminals...most people living in inner cities are good poeple trying to live a good life...they suffer under the oppression inflicted on them by our own home grown version of theTaliban.

Honest and intelligent people would agree that we should be more concerned for the civil and constitutional rights of the law abiding than protecting the rights of a small group thats sole purpose is take them away.

David Willis




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