Eddie Tillman a community role model

Sep 20 2010 - 3:00pm

(UNEDITED)The legend of Davis county is finally going to recognize as Eddie (BigT) Tillman will be honor as he is inducted into the Weber State athletic hall of fame.Due to family obligations, I will not be in town to see my buddy Big T recieve this life time award.

I have known Eddie for over 40 years and I just want to tell the people in the Ogden/Davis county he is by far not only a legend at weber state, Davis high school but also in the community. "Everybody Knows Big T" its a experience hanging out with him. People alway coming over to him say hello - I feel I am with the president- I call Big T' the professor of life- Eddie has a positive message for everyone and its just a privilege to be around him.

With so much going on today with people having difficulty getting along thank god there are Big T's out there making a difference in peoples lives for the better. Yes, my buddy was a great athlete, but more important he is a great role model for the commmunity-Big T you are very special.

Dave Sackolwitz

South Weber


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