SPLC personnel put lives on the line for underdogs

Oct 5 2010 - 1:56pm

(UNEDITED)We have been avid supporters of the Southern Poverty Law Center for well over a decade and we continuously marvel at the great work they perform for the people who, for whatever reason, cannot fight for themselves. SPLC, for one thing, send complete programs to our schools that promote TOLERANCE and fight bullying in the halls, on the playground and through the internet.

The SPLC has had their offices bombed and the founders and staff have their lives threatened constantly. I believe that if RKeefe were to contact Mrs. Louise Monroe, of Homer, Louisiana, he would find that she is not concerned that there is no one with her color of skin on the Board of Executives. She is just grateful to have their help when her 73-year-old, unarmed, mute husband was shot several times and killed on their front porch by a white police officer. This officer and his partner are no longer on the force. The author of the e-mail responding to the letter from Mr. Dirk Mullikin, in the Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010 issue of the Standard-Examiner should aspire to be better informed regarding the inclusion of minorities in the ranks of the executives of the SPLC. I find that, too often, people repeat false information without learning the truth before speaking. The SPLC always has several on-going law suits, there are a lot of injustices in this world. One law suit ended in the closing of a Neo-Nazi camp in Idaho and one that gave restitution to a young man who was severely beaten and stomped by a group of skin-heads because his skin was brown. These are just two stories of injustice that have been righted by the fine people at SPLC. These men and women put their lives and their livelihoods on the line, daily, for the "underdogs" of this country and I support them with my heart, my prayers and my money because I am not brave enough to do this work myself. SPLC law suits are supported by its members, and the organization accepts no part of the damages awarded to its clients.

We hope everyone will check into the amazing work the SPLC does for this country and its citizens and open their hearts, their minds and their wallets in support of such a needed organization in these times. www.splcenter.org

Doug and Marj Graham




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