Some immigrants don't want to 'Americanize'

Nov 5 2010 - 4:59pm

Before the outbreak of World War I, my ancestors left Europe at a time when their country was immersed in uncertainty and turmoil. The borders kept changing and their country hardly existed. When they came to this country, they left everything behind, including their customs, language and even religion because they wanted to become Americans. Becoming "Americanized" was a really big deal after World War I and World War II.

What we have been seeing during the last decade or so is a pouring of immigrants coming into this country and bringing their country and their country's problems with them. Being Americanized is no longer their goal and/or reason why they are here. We all want a better life, so that can't be their only reason.

It seems they are not willing to give up that which they are running away from. Future generations will be the ones who will need to clean this up.

Charlene Heckert


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