Would velodrome take funding from Ogden High's pool?

Feb 9 2011 - 3:09pm

I'd like to point out some items I found in the velodrome feasibility study. Page A-3, third paragraph The study says that funding will come from "...Weber State University, Weber County and Ogden School District." I thought all of these entities are in the red? Are we taking more money designated for teaching to make a waterpark? Page A15; third paragraph. "We assume that the one or both Ogden City high school pools will be closed and the proposed subject swimming pool will be used for all school related aquatic programs and activities. We assume that the schools will get two hours of free-time daily at the subject facility. We assume that the schools will pay for the additional usage." So now all of the kids will have to go downtown to swim? Who's taking them there? Buses? Parents? Do our kids have enough time to go downtown between classes? Which school or students gets to use their '2 hours' and when? So the school district pays to make the pool, pays to demolish the pools they have and then pays to use the pool? Didn't we just fix the Ogden high pool? I also did a little web research myself. There are only 22 velodromes in the US today. This does not seem like a lot. Are we going to buck the present trend and all of sudden 'find' lots of people who are interested in this sport?

Brian Barkey



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