Many divergent views of 'truth'

Feb 16 2011 - 2:22pm

Oh say what is truth? Is truth relative or absolute? Can truth be graded? Is it black, white, gray, or somewhere in between? Consider this: What one person considers to be absolute truth can be entirely false in the mind of another individual raised under a totally different culture, environment, and set of values. Indeed, a persons perception of truth is but an extension or extrapolation of that individual's conscience. So the next question would naturally be, what constitutes a person's conscience? How is it formed or created? The answer would be that a person's conscience commences to be formed in his/her infant years by the teachings of his parents, siblings and playmates. As his social horizons expand, his conscience starts to take a firmer mold from his school teachers, his religious and secular mentors, his social environment and culture, and all other factors and circumstances pertaining to his social, religious, and political surroundings.

Consequently, by the time that person reaches adulthood, his conscience is set in cement, in a manner of speaking. If we can all agree that this is a valid conclusion, we can readily perceive why religiously, Moslems, Catholics, Hindus, Mormons, et al, each have a different perspective of what constitutes religious truth, can't we?

To further extrapolate on this religious issue, religion leaders from the Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, etc. churches fully well know that if they can convince or brain wash their children from infancy through adulthood with doctrines and ideologies that are diametrically opposed to other church's philosophies, that their church is the only true church on earth, nothing, well all most nothing, will ever cause that individual to ever change his religion. Consequently, by the time they reach adulthood, they are absolutely certain that their way of life is the only one that leads to Heaven, Utopia, or Shangrila, etc., because of those widely divergent perceptions and doctrines that have been so astutely implanted in their consciences by their mentors from

infancy and all through out their lives.

The same principle applies to politics. A good case in point would be Communism versus Capitalism. An inpoverished, ignorant peasant raised in Communist Russia under the despot Stalin, taught and brainwashed all his life that Capitalism is evil is going to believe just that because that's all that his conscience has ever known.

The very same principle applies to Islam. All Moslems know that Muhammed is God's true prophet and that the Koran is God's Bible. Why?

Because that's what their conscience has been brainwashed to believe since infancy. And pity the soul that dares to defy or oppose the Koran for that person is under death sentence!

To summarize, I hope this dissertation will cause people to have a better understanding of why different cultures through out the world have so many divergent views of what constitutes truth.

Gil Montano




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