Political cartoon 'supports the lie'

Jul 1 2011 - 3:58pm

Political cartoons have their place to introduce through humor the items of truth, corruptness, and absurdity of a political point of view. The example, I use is the Grondahl cartoon of the fairy with the wording, "Sorry Sarah, I can make you beautiful but I can't make you smart." This humor supports the lie.

In Jainism, the adherents of this religion take solemn vows to renounce all lying. In their scriptures, lying arises from anger or greed or fear or mirth (humor). Humor does contain elements of deception, but is itself not deceiving because the deception is intended and recognized as humor.

First, is any human being not beautiful? If you asked Palin's son who is a Downs Syndrome child, or her husband, or her parents, she is most beautiful. I must say she is an attractive woman, and she even won a beauty pageant in Wasilla, Alaska.

Second, that she is not smart is also a lie! She graduated from the University of Idaho in 1986 and obtained a bachelor's degree in communication. She does have a college degree so it speaks of her intelligence. Maybe, the person implies she does not have a degree from the prestigious universities we know as the "Ivy league."

Third, does this imply that because she is a woman in a man's world she is dumb? But If we look at her achievements they are impressive. She has many achievements that testify of her abilities: moral courage; athleticism, great work ethic, and the desire to improve the government.

Since the Liberals have painted Sarah Palin as not smart and that President Obama has such a high I.Q., I then challenge them to release his transcripts at Columbia and Harvard to prove how smart he is. I forgot his records are closed. I wonder!

Kaydell Bowles

Brigham City

Editor's note: The cartoon referenced is the "You Caption Cal" contest cartoon of June 11, 2011. The caption was submitted by a reader who was one of three finalists. Final winners are selected by the readers.




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