Republicans impede every effort by president

Jul 12 2011 - 1:38pm

In the latest fight by the Republicans to impede all the efforts by President Obama to deal with the deficit and other problems created by the last administration and inherited by him, the "right" has thrown every obstacle in his path in order to have him fail in accomplishing his agenda. The outsourcing of jobs, plus giving tax breaks to the very rich did nothing more than destroy all the efforts that the Clinton/Gore team did to leave a surplus for the following administration.

All they did was create the chaotic mess we find ourselves in today. Why the American people decide to go with a "C" averaged individual like George W. Bush and over-look a winning forumula like the last team is beyond me. I guess the old saying that "if its not broken, then why fix it" was not in play during that voting period, and that lead to two wars, outsourcing of millions of jobs, the unemployment mess and the economy in the ditch.

If the American public wants to go back to that era, well good luck, but to make the same mistake and expect different results is just plain stupid.

One last thing, to hate obama for the color of his skin and party affiliation is one thing, to put the country in harms way because of it is treason.

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.



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