Ban kids in restaurants after 6 p.m.

Jul 13 2011 - 12:21pm

(UNEDITED) Utah has the highest population of young children per family of any other state in our country. It is apparent in our commercial diners, that parents of young children do not find the noisy and obnoxious loud behavior and commotion of their offspring offensive since they make no attempt to quiet their brood in order to avoid disturbing other patrons. I read about a Pennsylvania restaurant that is enforcing a ban on children less than 6 years of age. They explain that their casual dining restaurant is no place for young children, whose volume cannot be controlled. They further explain that the complaint from the adult customers, whose dinner is disturbed by the noise of out of control kids, outweighs the revenue lost from families with the noisy kids.

 What a grand idea, I think restaurants here in the Top of Utah should also ban children from their restaurants, but with a time limit of say 6 o'clock. This way, if someone wants to have dinner without the annoyance of someone's "beautiful" child, they can plan their dinner after the 6 o'clock "curfew". This solves both the need to serve families with young children and the right of those who wish to have dinner without the interruption and disturbance of noisy young children. If you feel this is a good idea, why not let your restaurant owner or manager know that you feel this way and maybe we can finally have some "Fine Dining" here in Utah.

Paul Valdez


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