Change at Berean Presbyterian to orthodox

May 6 2011 - 3:37pm


(ANTHONY SOUFFLE/StandardExaminer) Pastor Curtis Eggleston preaches from the pulpit during a church service at Berean Presbyterian Church in Ogden.
(ANTHONY SOUFFLE/StandardExaminer) Pastor Curtis Eggleston preaches from the pulpit during a church service at Berean Presbyterian Church in Ogden.

OGDEN -- This week, Berean Presbyterian Church became an official Orthodox Presbyterian Church through a particularization ceremony attended by officials from the Dakotas, Denver and Utah.

Officials said they are ready for God's will to take place in the congregation, possibly for it to grow.

Previously the congregation was a mission of Christ Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City.

"We're excited to no longer be doing mission work," said Pastor Curtis Eggleston. "We look to the Lord to work out all things."

Quoting Philippians 2:13, he said, "For it is God that works in you both to will and to do His good pleasure."

Officials expect the church to grow, as it has doubled in size in two and a half years since it opened with 15 members.

"We're very happy," said Elder Don King, who was ordained to his post in the ceremony along with Elder Dennis Stephens Jr.

The two were ordained and installed through a laying on of hands of the presbytery present at the meeting.

"We're more of a government run through elders in spiritual matters," King said, explaining his church.

The word Presbyterian means elders.

"It is very, very Biblical," Eggleston said of the installation ceremony. "You can't get more Biblical than that."

Eggleston gave the sermon at the event. In it, he admonished those who don't attend organized religious services.

"In today's society, the church is so minimized," he said. "People will share their faith in Christ and then state that they don't believe in worshiping in church."

Eggleston explained that such practices actually are disobedient.

"How can we be accountable to our brothers when we are never there?" he said. "How can we love one another and pray for one another and bear one another's burdens if we are not in church?"

Eggleston quoted the New Testament from Acts 20 about the importance of the church.

"Christ purchased His church with His own blood it's so important to Him," he said.

Eggleston quoted New Testament Scriptures that told of the importance of elders in the ancient church.

He told of a story in Titus where the church leaders had to go and do that which had been left undone.

He said the leaders were ordaining elders, and, "The church is supposed to be an elder-led church."

King explained his faith as having a reformed view of Scripture, holding to Westminster, five-point Calvinist conservative principles.

He said his church holds a sovereign view of God in salvation and uses the Bible only as the infallible word of God.

"It's our authority in all decisions in church matters," he said.

Berean Presbyterian Church is at 3350 Harrison Blvd. in Ogden. It shares a building with Congregational United Church of Christ.

For more information, call Eggleston at 801-510-5313.

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