California couple rescued in Ogden Canyon

Jul 7 2011 - 11:59pm

OGDEN -- A California man had to be rescued from the far bank of the Ogden River after he dived in to rescue his girlfriend.

The 38-year-old man and 33-year-old woman from California hiked down to the base of the waterfall near the mouth of Ogden Canyon on Thursday evening. They found a rock to sit on, but around 8:40 p.m. the woman fell off and into the cold, rushing river, Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryon Hadley said.

"He jumped in and got her to the shore," Hadley said.

The man also pulled himself out, but by then he was about 40 to 50 feet downstream and on the wrong side of the river. He was below some cliffs and there was no way to hike out, Hadley said.

Receiving a 911 call, the Ogden Fire Department came out with a ladder truck and used the ladder to form a bridge from State Route 39 to the far side of the river where the man was. By about 10 p.m., he was reunited with his girlfriend.

"He saved her, and Sheriff's (deputies) and (firefighters) saved him," Hadley said.

The couple were fine and released at the scene.

Weber County Sheriff's deputies shut down that area of Ogden Canyon for a little more than an hour during the rescue.

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