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Hill AFB to repair, maintain robots

Mitch Shaw, Standard-Examiner staff
Mar 9 2014 - 8:58am

HILL AIR FORCE -- In today's world, the arrival of robots at a blue-collar maintenance facility usually means the machines are taking over.

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Students have a ball with robots at Davis High event

Dana Rimington, Standard-Examiner correspondent
Jan 27 2014 - 12:57pm

KAYSVILLE - Hundreds of high school robot inventors gathered Saturday at Davis High School with one goal in mind -- to earn enough points in competition for their creations to qualify for a spot in the state VEX Robotics Championships to be held at Utah State University in February.

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It’s OK, call ’em nerds: Robotics is a popular activity for NUAMES students

Karissa Wang
Jan 6 2014 - 10:39am

"Other school have sports teams. At NUAMES, we have robotics."Walking into the NUAMES engineering room after school, it's a phrase you're guaranteed to hear. While you may feel a pang of empathy for us, since we, unlike typical high schools, focus on academics rather than sports, please refrain.It's a lifestyle we NUAMES kids choose for ourselves...

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Will robots replace minimum-wage workers?

Lydia DePillis, The Washington Post
Dec 24 2013 - 9:01am

If we talked about nothing else in 2013 -- and, all right, 2012, too -- we talked about whether technology is going to take all our jobs. This latest surge of the age-old debate seems to have lulled, for now, with the anti-robot contingent in America somewhat mollified by the promise that additional automation may be the one advance that allows...

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Increase in robotic surgery incidents bring calls for more training

Robotic surgeries are on the rise, fueled by aggressive marketing that has hyped the procedure, often claimed fewer complications without proof, and sometimes ignored contradictory studies finding no advantage. Surgeons practice using a robotic surgical system in this handout photo from its maker, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Illustrates ROBOTIC-SURGERY (category a) by Robert Langreth © 2013, Bloomberg News. Moved Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013. (MUST CREDIT: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.).

Bloomberg News, Robert Langreth
Nov 11 2013 - 4:44pm

NEW YORK -- A rising number of reports about deaths, injuries and malfunctions linked to the robotic surgery system made by Intuitive Surgical may pressure hospitals to bolster training for doctors using the $1.5 million device.

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Misleading marketing helps rise of robotic surgery

A robotically assisted surgical system used for prostatectomies, cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures

Bloomberg News, Robert Langreth
Oct 21 2013 - 9:12am

Last year, Denver's Porter Adventist Hospital announced that Warren Kortz, a general surgeon on staff, was the first in the Rocky Mountain region to use a technique known as robotic surgery to remove gall bladders through one incision in the belly button.The operation, performed while the doctor sits at a videogame-like console, was "taking...

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GALLERY: Vex Robotics tournament at Northridge High School

From left, Julia Satterthwaite, Austin Hecht and Jon Donley of Weber State University compete at the Vex Robotics tournament at Northridge High School in Layton Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. Students build robots and compete against other teams to complete tasks and score points. (Erin Hooley/Standard-Examiner)

Erin Hooley, Standard-Examiner staff
Jan 28 2012 - 5:31pm

Students competed at the Vex Robotics tournament at Northridge High School in Layton Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. (Erin Hooley/Standard-Examiner)

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GALLERY: Lego League Qualifying Championship at Weber State University on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012.

Elijah Harris fixes a lego structure while Cole Smith practices with his team's robot before the judging portion of the Lego League qualifying championships at Weber State University in Ogden on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012. NICHOLAS DRANEY/Standard-Examiner

Nicholas Draney, Standard-Examiner staff
Jan 14 2012 - 12:19pm

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