Mayors hope to keep Davis County in one district

Jun 15 2011 - 10:53pm

KAYSVILLE -- Davis County mayors are sending a letter asking the state's redistricting committee to keep Davis County in one congressional district.

Davis County is the smallest county geographically in the state, but the third-largest in population.

Dividing it into two Congressional districts could hurt, said Kaysville Mayor Steve Hiatt.

Hiatt said he would also like Davis County kept in the same district as Hill Air Force Base and Weber County.

"I'm just one person speaking, but I think the majority of Davis County leaders think of Hill Air Force Base as part of Davis County," Hiatt said.

Clearfield Mayor Don Wood, who is the chairman of Davis Council of Governments, said Davis and Weber counties depend heavily on Hill Air Force Base, which is "a major economic engine."

Salt Lake County does not depend on the base as much and, Wood said, keeping Weber, Davis and the base together works best for everyone.

But Wood said he hopes Davis is kept in one congressional district.

"The concern is, it put the county in a situation where you have two people trying to address the countywide issues," Wood said. "It's splitting the baby."

Wood said the cities have worked together on mutual interests and if there are two congressmen, who may have conflicting opinions, it could cause problems.

Both mayors said they understand the legislative redistricting interim committee has a difficult task to meet the target number of people in each district, without dividing any counties.

"They have a tough road ahead," Hiatt said.

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