Mayor: Runoff may lead to mudslides

Apr 21 2011 - 11:15pm

FARMINGTON -- Mayor Scott Harbertson said heavy runoff this spring poses more than a flooding concern for the city; it also raises the chance for mudslides in his community.

Harbertson is concerned the hillsides on the east of the city have been scarred of enough foliage by two fires in the past decade that heavy runoff will lead to a fallout of mud for people on the east side.

"I'm concerned about moisture in the hills. How saturated will they be?" Harbertson said.

The mayor lives near Farmington Creek, where he has watched the water level more than double over the past few days. He said flooding has already been a problem on the city's west side, where shallow groundwater has flooded several homes. In an attempt to address potential flooding issues, city officials have provided sandbag materials at the Public Works Department for residents.

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