National Weather Service issues flooding warnings

May 29 2011 - 11:16pm

OGDEN -- The rivers continue to spill over their banks with no signs of stopping.

"It just keeps rising and rising," Weber County Emergency Management Director Lance Peterson said.

The National Weather Service issued a flood warning through Friday for the South Fork of the Ogden River from Causey Reservoir to Pineview Reservoir in central Weber County.

There are also warnings for Lost Creek to the confluence of the Weber River in Morgan; Weber River from Weber Canyon to the Great Salt Lake; and Weber River from Echo Reservoir to the mouth of Weber Canyon.

In addition to already wet conditions, an even bigger water flow is expected when the temperatures go up in the middle of the week, increasing snow melt.

The rising temperatures will require re-strategizing by county officials.

"With all this rain and storms," Peterson said, "we have to re-evaluate day by day."

Water levels have returned to the same levels they were at a month ago, Peterson said.

Farmers have told Peterson they have just as much area covered in water as they did during the floods in 1983, just not as deep.

"My fear is it is just going to get deeper and deeper when the low spots fill up," Peterson said. "We really need some assistance to dredge the river, reinforce the banks."

Areas such as the old Snowbasin Road have been damaged in five places and will need repair.

Business and agriculture have been affected by the flooding as well.

Multimillion-dollar operations, such as the Pineae Greenhouses in Taylor and large dairy farms have been threatened by the water.

Other farmland has suffered as well.

If it is not underwater, the ground is so soggy, farmers will not be able to work their land.

"You can't just say, 'Oh, it's just farm ground,' " Peterson said. "No, it's huge."

If the flooding keeps up, some farmers may have to write off the year.

"It's not just a two-to- three-day inconvenience," Peterson said. "It's a very long-term inconvenience that they go through."

With the flood warning, the National Weather Service advises residents to be cautious.

According to the Weather Service, most flood- related deaths occur in automobiles, so motorists are cautioned to avoid areas with water-covered roadways, covered bridges or dips.

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