UDOT wants public to refine options for West Davis Corridor

Jun 8 2011 - 11:31pm


LAYTON -- Utah Department of Transportation is recruiting the public -- in the form of Resident Working Groups, or RWGs -- to join its West Davis Corridor study team.

The state is reviewing and organizing public comments and refining the three proposed routes for an alternative to Interstate 15, running from Centerville to Ogden.

West Davis Project Manager Randy Jeffries said the refinement process includes doing preliminary engineering on the proposed alternatives, reviewing and updating wetland and other data, and trying out new concepts proposed by the public as part of the public comment period.

Of the more than 6,000 public comments submitted to the state, about 4,200 were "unique," meaning nearly 2,000 comments were identical to each other, Jeffries said.

To help in the refinement process, UDOT is organizing RWGs for representatives of home-owners associations and other neighborhood organizations.

"We are committed to getting with interested parties to pick the best option," Jeffries said at a recent Wasatch Front Regional Council meeting.

Those whose neighborhoods may be affected by one of the alternatives and who would like more information about an RWG in their area may email the West Davis Corridor study team at westdavis@utah.gov.

Jeffries said the final alignment is still at least two years from being recognized.

"I wish I could give the final answer on where the final alignment will be, but we're still nowhere near that point," he said.

The state plans to put out a draft environmental impact statement early next year that will include information on all three refined alternatives, but will also include one preferred alternative.

Jeffries said the state is performing a more robust wetlands-testing procedure to better determine what should and shouldn't be considered a wetland area.

Several entities, including Davis County and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, have questioned some of the land UDOT has designated as wetlands, Jeffries said.

"We fully expect to have more defined wetlands areas in the next few months."

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