The TX. 10: Top Packing Tips

TX. Packing Tips

Moving into a new house, a new bedroom or off to college? Check out these tips for smooth and simple packing. 1. Seal things up: A really good packing tip for necklaces, earrings or any other jewelry/accessory is to use Press ’n Seal, a plastic film made by Glad. You rip off a sheet and place...


Key to confidence is liking person you are

TX. Body Image

Every day on social media or in magazines or on TV, we can see an ad or article telling us the “5 Reasons Why We Should Love Ourselves” and within the same few minutes also see an ad informing us, “How to Lose Weight Fast.” No matter how many “self-love” pleas we...


25 TX-bottomline

TX. Apples

Eat your favorite apple to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day on Monday, Sept. 26, honoring the birthday of the American apple tree planter.


No ‘cheating' — just talent in world of digital art

TX. Digital Art


'Week of insanity' sparks crazy antics, service projects

TX. Scavenger Hunt

Did any of you see that thunderstorm near the duck pond off Pleasant View Drive a few weeks ago? I did, because I was that storm cloud — dressed in gray puffy clouds and lightning bolts, pouring water on my little brother’s head, all the while capturing it on film. I am a participant of...


18 TX-bottomline

TX. Calico Cat

A calico cat has white fur with patches of two more colors, usually orange and black. Most calicos are females.


The TX. 10: Words to use more often

TX. Thunderstorm

1. Wild 2. Penumbra: a half-shadow 3. Eloquent 4. Dazzling 5. Awestruck 6. Optimal 7. Idiosyncratic: a quirky, unique individual 8. Empowering 9. Querencia: a place one feels safe; a place one's strength of character is drawn from 10. Chrysalism: tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm...


High school football more than a game

BW 08192016Weber vs Layton Prep Football 09-3

There are many reasons why I play the rough sport of high school football. The camaraderie of the game is the biggest part of it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love football itself. I love the game for the big hits, the constant pressure to do your best, and the fact that you will never be...


Mass shootings are troubling, ‘scary' for Utah teens

Nightclub Shooting Florida Vigil


11 TX-bottomline

TX. tacos

Taco Bell is named after Glen Bell, who founded the restaurant chain.

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