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Union Station time capsule set to be opened in special ceremony Friday

OGDEN — More than 100 years of Ogden history will come to life at a special ceremony this week. According to a press release from Ogden City, Union Station will host a cornerstone ceremony Friday to open a time capsule that was placed in the station a century ago. "Marking 100 years to the day it was placed, this time capsule will be revealed to the public for the first time since it was placed in 1924," the release said. "The time capsule was placed when the current Ogden Union Station was beginning construction. Museum staff, historians, and other representatives will be opening the ...

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Letter: MAGA candidates only care about serving Donald Trump, not America

I am dismayed watching all the Republican senatorial candidates' ads on TV as each tries to out-MAGA the others. Since they all seem to just want to represent MAGA values, I suggest they drop their campaigns and send their resumes directly to the Trump organization and join the payroll with the ...

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