FARMINGTON — A former student described his relationship with Brianne Altice as “a teacher with benefits.”

The student, now 18, testified at a preliminary hearing Friday. He is the second of two teens Altice is accused of abusing.

Based on his testimony, Deputy Davis County Attorney Cristina Ortega filed three counts of forcible sexual abuse, second-degree felonies, bringing the total of charges to nine. Altice is also charged with four counts of rape and two counts of forcible sodomy. She was originally charged in October 2013 with three counts of rape and one count of forcible sodomy.

Judge John Morris ruled there was sufficient evidence for all the charges for the case to move forward to a trial. A hearing is set for Oct. 9 before Judge Thomas L. Kay.

The teenager testified on Friday the sexual relationship started with a kiss in the classroom sometime in May 2013 just before lunch. He is the second student to come forward claiming he had a sexual relationship with Altice.

The Standard-Examiner does not normally publish the names of those who are victims of sexual crimes. 

The teenager said he left the school to attend “a program” for three months while he attended Davis High School. During cross-examination, he said he was in the jurisdiction of the courts while he was in the program.

Altice was his English teacher when he began school in the fall of 2012. When he returned to the school in April after he completed the program, Altice was still his English teacher and he was also a teaching assistant for her.

Within three weeks after he came back, the two began exchanging notes on his cell phone, the teenager testified.

Shortly after that, the two met in a church parking lot and “kissed excessively,” the teenager said.

Altice came to his home several times and on the second visit, sexual activity occurred, the teenager testified. The teenager gave explicit testimony on what happened, including sexual intercourse and oral sex.

He said they started kissing at the door and then went into his bedroom, which was in the basement, where they kissed and removed clothes. After they had sex, Altice, described by the teen as “a teacher with benefits,” got dressed and left. 

“Did she say goodbye?” asked Ed Brass, defense attorney, during cross-examination.

“I don’t recall,” the teenager said.

He also testified he was shocked when the media reported that Altice had been arrested in October of 2013.

He said he was at school, crying, and became very emotional. He hit the brick wall and several poles, fracturing his hand. Then he went into the assistant principal’s office and told him he too had a sexual relationship with Altice. He also told a police officer about the sexual relationship.

Before Altice was arrested, the teenager said he had told his best friend about the sexual encounters with Altice. 

But in July of this year, the teenager went to the Davis County Attorney’s Office. He testified he told Ortega there had been no sexual relationship because he “felt sorry for (Altice’s) kids.” 

His parents were not in his life as he grew up and he moved from one relative’s home to another, he said. He did not want Altice’s kids to be without a mother.

Altice knew about his childhood before they had sex, he testified. 

“Obviously, she knew what she was doing,” he said.

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