Happy 50th Anniversary!: Marvin and Deanna (Halladay) Zaugg

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Our parents officially met at Weber State in the spring of 1966, after Dad returned from his Central States mission. Dad had graduated from Weber High and Mom from Bountiful High. They both graduated from Weber State.

They were married September 11, 1968, in the Salt Lake Temple and have lived in Ogden, Roy and Hooper. They are the parents of Lyle, Brian, Michael and Mariann, and the grandparents of 11.

Dad retired from Ogden City and Mom from the Davis County Library and both are active in LDS Church callings and stay busy with family, projects and hobbies. We celebrated with a family dinner and a weekend of family activities.

50 years together is amazing, not many reach this day. While other marriages seem to fail, yours is here to stay. Together through life's struggles and sometimes strife, you made it all these years remaining husband and wife. Life has given you experience and you've had so many joys, those include your little girl and three rambunctious boys. Our friends always came to the house because you were so fun. We know we were blessed since as parents, you're number one. We took so much for granted as we were growing up each day. Each sacrifice you made for us with so much love along the way. As we have raised families of our own, 11 grandkids for you, we've come to you for advice on what on earth we should do. If there is ever an example of love in the world, you are it. We see how dedicated you are and that you'll never quit.

Thank you for creating a family bond still strong to this day. We couldn't be more blessed and our lives are brighter in every way.

We love you Mom & Dad!

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