Spence Seppich

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September 8, 1969 ~ August 9, 2018

Spence Seppich, our son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend passed away from this life on August 9th of this year 2018.

Spence brought so much love, joy, and friendship in his life that he will be missed dearly by us all. Notable in his friendship was his dog, Sasha who passed away earlier this year. Had Spence have been blessed with children, we know that they would have been as lucky as Sasha to have Spence take the lead in their life.

Since birth, Spence is famous for his fearless determination to adventure, technical expertise in architectural design, and loving his family. Our shared favorite memories with Spence must include camping trips, dog walks, ping-pong, and a good ole' game of "Rummy". No matter what, he made time for all of us. Spence's spiritual depth was a relationship that gave him great strength and a comforting hope for us all during this time.

He had a determination toward life that was beyond admiration. Once he put his mind to something, he excelled at overcoming or achieving anything. His family has so much respect for what an exceptional human being he was. He would drop anything he was doing to help his family, friends, or strangers.

Surviving are his father, Brent Seppich; mother, Arlette (Ali) Spangenberg (Vic Spangenberg); brother, Scott Seppich (Julie Seppich); sister, Stephanie Seppich (Eli); step-brothers, Jason (Katie) Spangenberg, and Jantzen Spangenberg; nephews and nieces: Andrew Seppich, Josh (wife Audrey, and their son, Charlie) Seppich, Chloe Seppich, Cedric Graves, Isaac Graves, Aeson Carey, and Rylan Carey.

Memorial services for Spence are being held by immediate family members and close friends at a private function.

Thoughts, memories, and condolences can be sent to:


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