Carli Miller and Cameron Willams are turning plant fibers they find on Ogden’s trails into handmade paper and botanical art.

Everything, from harvest to pulp, is done in their studio at The Monarch. The fiber is beaten in a Hollander beater, individually sheet formed then pressed and dried. Inside Studio 32, you can also find handmade books, pulp paintings, botanical art, candle creations and plant potions by Miller. Her love for nature and herbal rituals is shared through holistic and metaphysical tools.

What is a plant potion? Miller describes them as “different creations that include energy from plants and the magic they offer.” A blend of herbs, botanicals, resins and other ingredients, plant potions are curated by Miller specifically for a certain intention and purpose. A loose blend called “High Vibes” is burned to connect with source and elevated consciousness and to relax the mind, body and soul. “Yoni Steams” is an herbal blend personally crafted for Women — “an energetic cleanse and release,” as well as medicinal healing.

A “Lunar Essence” blend is created each month using charged spring water hand-collected by Miller under the full moon, to which she adds oils, botanicals and crystals that all align with the intention and focus for the month.

Miller is always creating something new. The popular 2021 lunar calendar is one of them. ”A lot of my products are meant to be used with the influence and energy of the moon,” Miller said, “so a lunar calendar on our handmade paper goes perfectly to help people track and follow the phases throughout the year.”

Other offerings include smudge wands to “eliminate what is not helping you evolve,” botanical art “enchanted with flowers and feelings” and workshops to cultivate creativity.

Each product is ritually wild-crafted with intention, mindfully harvested, plant-based and hand-packaged with love using only the best organic, ethically sourced herbs and floral.

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