Leap Day


Feb. 29 only comes around every four years. If you have time to take it easy at any point Monday, here are three things you can watch to celebrate the 2016 edition of Leap Day.

1. 30 Rock’s “Leap Day” episode (2012)

The smart Tina Fey comedy series about life producing TV shows for NBC tackled Leap Day in a critically acclaimed way in 2012.

The ninth episode of season six has the characters celebrate Leap Day in an alternate universe where Feb. 29 is a real holiday with its own mythology — a place where a Santa-like figure named Leap Day William takes away the tears of children and gives them candy, and where a Leap Day film starring Jim Carrey and Andie MacDowell is enjoyed as a classic.

2. Pirates of Penzance (1983)

Like 30 Rock, “Pirates of Penzance” is a comedy, but in the movie adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s usual whimsical musicals.

“Penzance” follows a young chap, Frederic, who mistakenly became an apprentice to pirates (instead of pilots) and is nearing his 21st year, upon which he can be released from his duty to the marauding band of orphan pirates and resume a normal life.

But — gasp — Leap Day strikes his happy heart.

In this scene, the Pirate King, played by Kevin Kline, begins to inform Frederic how Leap Day has doomed him to a life of pirate apprenticeship:

It all seems quite funny until the Pirate King informs Frederic his contract is based on birthdays, not years of life.

3. Leap Year (2010)

Amy Adams travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend — Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation” fame — who is traveling on business. She tries to surprise her traveling beau on Leap Day because, according to her Irish heritage, a man receiving a marriage proposal on Leap Day must accept.

In expected romantic-comedy fashion, nothing goes according to plan but indeed, true love always finds a way.

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