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Crowds gather around the duck pond to enjoy the 36th annual Lindquist Family Symphony Pops and Fireworks at Weber State University in Ogden Sunday, July 13, 2014. (BRIAN NICHOLSON/Special to the Standard-Examiner)

A multitude of strings vibrate with the sounds of of the “1812 Overture” as a dazzling display of fireworks burst overhead. Such is the scene at the annual Lindquist Pops concert held at Weber State University July 12.

This is the concert and firework show’s 37th year. John Lindquist and his wife Telitha Lindquist were long-time patrons of the arts at Weber State, and sponsored the Lindquist Pops concert and established a tradition the whole family can enjoy.

Telitha Lindquist passed away in June, and the concert will be especially significant this year as the memory of her and John Lindquist is honored. Weber State President Chuck Wight will offer a few words and condolences prior to the concert.

The New American Philharmonic is returning this year to provide the live soundtrack to the pyrotechnics, and will perform the usual selection of patriotic marches as well as some new tunes this year.

Pops Concert and Fireworks-12

Crowds gather around the duck pond to enjoy the 36th annual Lindquist Family Symphony Pops and Fireworks at Weber State University in Ogden Sunday, July 13, 2014. (BRIAN NICHOLSON/Special to the Standard-Examiner)

Conductor Steve Park said the crowd can look forward to hearing recognizable themes from this summer’s hottest blockbuster.

“This year we’re doing ‘Jurassic Park,’ because that’s a popular movie that’s just come out,” Park said “Of course ‘The Star Spangle Banner’ and ‘Armed Forces Salute’ is one that we always do because it recognizes the military.”

Other pieces The New American Philharmonic will perform include a number of Sousa Marches, “Stars and Stripes,” “National Emblem,” “Washington Post,” and “Liberty Bell.” The orchestra will perform for an hour before the firework show, and then play the marches while balls of fire blast over head.

Park said surprisingly, the fireworks don’t distract or trouble the orchestra, the bigger problem lies in the speakers used to project their sound all around the university property.

“The biggest challenge for us is those big huge speakers that they put up so everybody can hear us. We hear that sound and it’s delayed by half a second from what we’re actually playing,” he said. “Sometimes it doesn’t bother us at all, but there are times when there’s a lot of percussion or there’s a really strong beat, you’ll hear that beat hitting you just late. It’s interesting, but the fireworks themselves don’t usually bother us.”

Recently the New American Philharmonic played the Layton Liberty Days firework show, where a fireball from another firework lit up the finale before the orchestra was done playing.

“We couldn’t hear ourselves play,” Park laughed and he said someone must have pushed the wrong button. “So we don’t usually have a problem there, (Lindquist Pops) the fireworks are usually further away from us.”

This will be Park’s third year conducting the Lindquist Pops performance for the New American Philharmonic. He’s played horn for the orchestra for over 12 years. He said he’s noticed while conducting, some members of the orchestra will sneak a peek at the fireworks during the show.

“Because the fireworks are behind me when they have a break and aren’t playing, while they’re counting they’re watching. And why not, how could you not,” Park chucked. “You’ve got to count eight measures of rest, why wouldn’t you watch the fireworks while doing that?”

Music from the Lindquist Pops concert will be broadcast live on KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, so even those who can’t find a spot on the grass to see the orchestra or can’t make it to the show can hear the patriotic and cinematic music.

“I know the members of the orchestra really look forward to playing this, it’s a lot of fun and we just look forward to having that opportunity to support the community and support the pioneer festival activities with this concert,” Park said.

The free event will begin with music starting at 9 p.m., just after dusk.

On-campus parking will be available, but limited. The roundabouts off Harrison Boulevard and Dixon Drive will be closed to traffic. Access to campus will be through Edvalson Street, Skyline Drive, and Birch and Taylor avenues. Families with large vehicles are encouraged to park on the east side of campus near Stewart Stadium. The Dee Events Center also offers additional parking.

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  • WHAT: Lindquist Pops Concert
  • WHEN: 8:30 p.m. July 12
  • WHERE: Ada Lindquist Plaza, WSU, 3848 Harrison Blvd., Ogden
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