A musician with a long-standing love affair and friendship with Ogden is returning with her guitar, drum machine, synth, and bass in tow. Talia Keys, known for her musical abilities lovingly spread out in five different projects, is coming to the Ogden Amphitheater to rock out with Todo Mundo and Brian Ernst August 5.

Keys, known for her band Marinade, has had a busy summer. From her 30-day stint on the road crisscrossing the American South, to a music festival in Michigan known as Electric Forest, Keys has still found the time to record her latest album, “Fool’s Gold.”

“I think the recording process has been beautiful for me, because this is the first time that I’ve done it this way where I’ve taken all my songs and started from scratch and recorded most of the parts myself,” Keys said, adding she brought in a horn section, a choir and special guests to star on the album.

“The thing about recording is, that’s all fine and dandy, but I feel like the meat and potatoes is in the performance. That’s what music is for me, it’s the performance, it’s the show, the production, it’s the music festivals,” she continued. “I would much rather be doing that stuff than sitting in a control booth making music; but it’s been a beautiful thing. This is the most proud I’ve ever been of a record I made.”


Talia Keys performs on her recent solo tour across the U.S. (melahn atkinson)

Collaboration and friendship

Keys is most at home with a mic in her face and a drumkit at her disposal. Although she tours solo out of financial necessity, Keys said there’s nothing like sharing the stage with friends.

“My looping shows are fun, but I do those out of necessity. I do have a lot of fun because I am able to do a one-on-one connection with the audience, but something has to be said when you get together with other human beings and you use your ears and your hearts and you make music together,” she said. “You can’t recreate that anywhere.”

Keys is in luck; although she’s booked as a solo act for the Ogden date, she’s co-billed with her friend and fellow musician Brian Ernst. Ernst, who is known for traveling the world with his wife in a bus fueled by vegetable oil, is a multi-instrumentalist in his own right, and will collaborate with Keys live on stage.

Keys and Ernst will be “trading songs,” and will play little elements of each other’s music during the show.


Talia Keys performs on her recent solo tour across the U.S. (melahn atkinson)

“He’s one of my best friends and inspirations, so I thought why not bring him in and introduce him to my Ogden family, because he has yet to play Ogden and I thought it would be the perfect place for him to be,” Keys said. “I do have a love for Ogden, and I’m happy Brian is going to be there. He plays guitar, didgeridoo, slide guitars, he does a bunch of different stuff as well.”

Fool’s Gold

The Ogden family Keys refers to was instrumental in the production process of “Fool’s Gold,” which was released July 31. Greg Shaw, who is known for his bass skills in multiple projects in the local area, co-produced “Fools Gold,” along with Keys, her partner Melahn Atkinson and Mike Sasich at Man vs Music Studios in Salt Lake City.

Keys sought a new flavor and perspective for the album, which includes songs from her years of making music with Marinade, which played its final show under that name last week.

“My music has always changed. Even when Marinade started, Marinade kept changing and growing and (had) different music styles,” Keys said. “The more you play the more you learn. I literally started Marinade in my mom’s living room, just jamming and drinking beer. We did it for fun, and now it’s my full-time hustle, this is what I do for a living.”


Talia Keys performs on her recent solo tour across the U.S. (melahn atkinson)

For “Fool’s Gold,” Keys made scratch tracks of the vocals and guitar, and used those as the foundation to record the rest of the album. She had Shaw lay down the bass on three tracks because, “why not?”

“‘Fool’s Gold’ is a highly political album, but also with a little, some funny songs here and there too, just my style. I’d say my voice is the strongest thing that I have right now,” Keys said. “I feel like the song, the story that you have to tell, is the most important aspect of any song.”

Talia Keys & Brian Ernst and Todo Mundo will provide the soundtrack for the Wednesday night concert at the Ogden Amphitheater. The concert is free and open to the public. Dancing and singing along is recommended.

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  • WHAT: Talia Keys & Brian Ernst, and Todo Mundo
  • WHEN: 7 p.m. Aug. 5
  • WHERE: Ogden Amphitheater, 343 Historic 25th Street, Ogden
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