The 1980s called, it wants its music back.

The Spazmatics, a new wave ’80s cover band, is making an appearance at local watering hole, The Century Club, on Nov. 14.

The four-piece band is made up of characters complete with horn rimmed glasses, pocket protectors, skinny ties and helmets. Chester on guitar, Marty the Party on drums, Habib Aboob on bass and vocalist Louis Lipshitz make up the 80s dance and rock band. 

Although the Spazmatics are a national act, and can be seen regularly in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin and Chicago, this particular Spazmatics band is based in Salt Lake City and the band’s members fly in once a week to perform at Liquid Joe’s on Saturday nights. The band typically performs in Ogden at The Century Club on Fridays once a month, or twice every three months. 

Chester, who would only answer questions in character, said the crowd can expect to be entertained. He said every Spazmatics show is like a big party, with fun dancing and of course hit music from the ’80s. 

Chester said once the thick black glasses and tie goes on, he and the rest of the band never break character, it’s what they do. 

“We dress like nerds, and we’re very entertaining,” Chester said, while in Portland. “Some of the girls dance, but we always party hard, it’s an awesome show you won’t want to miss.”

According to The Century Club’s Facebook page, DJs Nick DjJello Anderson and Andre Rawka will be in the mix all night before and after the Spazmatics so the dancing won’t stop.

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  • WHAT: The Spazmatics
  • WHEN: 9 p.m. Nov. 14
  • WHERE: The Century Club, 315 24th St, Ogden
  • TICKETS: $10/cover; open to 21/older

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