OGDEN — If you’re looking for classical music in an intimate setting, you’ll want to catch Friday’s fall concert by the WSU Chamber Orchestra. If you’re looking for a bigger, more powerful sound, wait for the Nov. 10 fall concert by the WSU Symphony Orchestra.

Of course, if you’re a true music lover, you’ll probably want to hit both.

The WSU Chamber Orchestra will present its fall concert on Friday evening in St. Joseph Catholic Church, 514 24th St.

Francisco de Galvez, director of orchestral studies at Weber State University, said Friday’s concert is a more intimate affair, involving about 16 musicians.

“The chamber orchestra is mainly strings, which is why we will want to play it in the church in St. Joseph, because of the acoustics,” de Galvez said. “It’s more pleasant to hear this concert in the reverb acoustics of a church.”

The chamber concert program will include the Bach Piano Concerto in F, as well as Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. The Bach piece will feature guest piano soloist Shijun Wang.

“I particularly like this concert,” de Galvez said.

De Galvez will be performing with the chamber orchestra on the second half of the concert, playing viola for a “very high level and challenging” Tchaikovsky work.

“It’s very ambitious for the music students,” he said. “It’s beautiful, and I highly recommend people come and listen.”

Concerts like Friday’s chamber orchestra program help the students at Weber State master their instruments, according to de Galvez. He thinks it’s the most challenging part of any music student’s education.

“It requires them to practice and to develop a technique in order to tell a story through the music,” he said. “To show your feelings or your views, your ways of communicating through music, in that sense it’s the most difficult part. Of course theory is needed and academic courses are important. But I believe the performing part is crucial.”

Admission to Friday’s concert is free.

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