Juarez 2045

Danny Trejo stars in "Juarez 2045," a film partially shot in West Weber.

SANDY — A private screening for the new feature-length film “Juarez 2045” will be held Saturday night at the Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons.

Shot almost entirely in Utah, the sci-fi film is set in the year 2045. It centers on the war on drugs in Mexico, where a ruthless cartel is using robots to enforce its operations. A U.S. Marine travels to Juarez in search of his brother, who was kidnapped by a man leading the robotic cartel.

“Juarez 2045” stars Danny Trejo (“Heat,” “Con Air”), Alex Heartman (“Power Rangers Samurai”) and Brad Schmidt (“The Birth of a Nation.”) It’s directed by Chris Le, a Salt Lake City-based filmmaker. The film features an all-Utah crew, and some of the cast members are from the state. A few of the scenes were shot in West Weber.

The premiere will be held Saturday, April 1, in the Megaplex Theaters at Jordan Commons, 9335 S. State St., Sandy. Crew arrivals begin at 6:30 p.m., the screening is set for 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $20, available through the movie’s website, http://juarez2045.com/.

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