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The Brothers Comatose and The Wild Reeds cover the Violent Femmes together during an encore performance June 3, 2016, on the first night of the Ogden Music Festival at Fort Buenaventura Park.

The Ogden City Arts Council is a group of local artists and residents that focuses on all things art happening in the city. The group’s members work as liaisons between artists and Ogden City to ensure art remains a vital part of the city. Michael Palumbo is a member of the council, as well as music director and conductor of Chamber Orchestra Ogden.

When is the last time you checked out — I mean really checked out — the music scene in Ogden?

Are you a fan of jazz, blues, rock, alternative, country, classical, something else or all of the above? Well, you can find almost everything on any given weekend night and many weeknights as well, just by taking a stroll or drive around town. In fact, the city of Ogden is host to so many diverse musical groups, all with at least slightly different styles, that you could go from venue to venue on a Saturday night and still not hear everything.

In Ogden in one week, you can hear the Joe McQueen Quartet and the Kap Brothers Band and Red Shot Pony and the Codi Jordan Band and Brooke Mackintosh, and Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, and ... well, you get the picture. Don’t forget to take a listen to the Banyan Collective’s monthly Van Session in front of Union Station when you do the First Friday Stroll.


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Do you want to hear music and not have to go to a club or bar? Well, look no further than your favorite restaurant. Ogden’s great culinary scene is also where you can find great music performances, and they don’t even cost you anything (although tips for the performers are appreciated).

Ever been to the Ogden Music Festival? Three days of all the blues, bluegrass, folk and rockabilly your little pea pickin’ heart desires (with apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford). The first weekend of June at Fort Buenaventura is as far as you have to go to experience this.

Still not the way you want to listen? OK, try Union Station on the second Wednesday of each month. Jazz at the Station is one of the outstanding contributions to the music scene, with a large variety of performers from month to month — and the concerts are free.

What’s that? You’re still looking for another place to hear music? Well, Ogden has an excellent symphony orchestra, Chamber Orchestra Ogden, that presents concerts at Peery’s Egyptian Theater. Tickets are cheap, too. The Egyptian is the host venue for many other concerts throughout the year as well.

Perhaps you’re looking for something classical, popular, jazzy or fun in an intimate setting. Check out NextEnsemble’s regular monthly concerts at Alleged. They have a little something for everyone in a relaxed, adult setting, whether or not you want a beverage.

The list of places to hear music in Ogden could go on forever, so I’ll stop here. This just scratches the surface of what is available in Ogden — and I didn’t even get to talk about the music you can hear at Weber State University.

Come on down, check things out, enjoy the music and relax.

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