Ogden pub runners ogden marathon training

Members of the Ogden Pub Runners stand in front of an Ogden Marathon sign Saturday, Jan. 21.

The Ogden Pub Runners not-for-profit organization aims to promote fitness at all levels, encourage social and responsible drinking, and support locally and independently owned watering holes. They have, over the last three years, contributed to Real Men Can Cook, the YCC domestic violence center, many local races as volunteers, and GOAL and The Ogden Marathon. Kase Johnstun is one of the group’s founders.

Outside, right now, it snows and rains. Heavy sheets of winter descend on the Wasatch Front, sliding off the rocky faces of our northern slopes, and the roads, after a long nights of freezing rain, are icy, slick and dangerous.

It doesn’t feel much like marathon training weather, now does it?

But it must be, if you are planning on running the Ogden Marathon this year. As of Saturday, we were 17 weeks out from the moment the gun pops — loud and shrill and momentous in the cold morning air in the canyon beneath Causey Reservoir, where stacks of runners will place their feet on the blacktop and begin the last two to four hours of months of training in the freezing, sleety weather of Northern Utah.


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For some, this will be the first venture into the 26.2 mile journey from the rolling hills along the frigid flow of winter run-off of the Ogden River. They will be worried, stressed that they didn’t train enough, that their gear might not work, that their nagging ankle, foot or IT band will come along and bite them on miles 14, 15 or 22. They have not run more than 20 miles at a time in their lives, so they fear those last six that they will have to run through the Eccles Dinosaur Park and all the way down the long road toward 25th Street to finish in front of friends and family.

Those fears are valid.

There are many, as well, who have run multiple (and sometimes in the tens to the hundreds) of marathons, and they are nervous too because they have seen all those fears that the first-timers worry about manifest themselves during the race, like a wound opening up and never closing until they DNF or finish with pain that says, “You did something serious here.”

For all of those worries, there is the finish line. And we cross it. Tired. Exhausted. Hungry. Bowel heavy. Too cold or too hot. But we finish. And it feels amazing.

But it starts with that first step out the door to run our first long run of the marathon season, in the cold and in the rain and on the ice and through the snow.

If you want amazing people to take that first step with — and all the thousands of steps in between — on your way to May 20, 2017, follow Ogden Pub Runners on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OgdenPubRunners/ and online at ogdenpubrunners.com

We will help you get there — and it will be fun.

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