Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now totals over 15.6 million people, up from last year’s 15.3 million

The church’s First Presidency announced during the Saturday afternoon session of the 186th Annual General Conference on April 2, that as of December 31, 2015 total membership was 15,634,199, with 114,550 new children born into the church and 257,402 converts. 

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There are 3,174 stakes, 418 missions, 558 districts and 30,016 wards and branches in the church, according to the 2015 statistical report

Full time missionaries total 74,079 and church-service missionaries total 31,779.


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Good point... Jesus would be proud.


How can they afford refugee or homeless centers when their money is too tied up building shopping malls?


All the average Mormon needs to do is go to church on Sunday and count the number of people there and multiply it by 30000. And there would be a more accurate figure.


I am just curious how many refugee or homeless centers they have and if they would be happy to provide statistics for those.


Ironically that dripping sound is getting louder from my perspective. All hands on deck.


Same here. 200/520 = ~38%. Yeah, that's on the high end of the true active rate. So the church is misleading it's members? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!! ;-)


I've been to lots of wards in my life, never seen over 200 people in a building.


It's all about the numbers with these nitwits. They're still convinced that they will be a major religion one day if only everyone could see the light as they have. I haven't been near a CULT worshipping ward in 30 years but yet they still count me as one of their close-minded minions.


The church's mission is to take over the world in membership and they are good at brain washing. They have a great missionary program bringing in people who are needy and in return these people feel obligated to join. Good way to increase membership and financial profit. Religion at its best.


Easier than you might imagine. With only about a 30% active rate, if all the active-Mos went to church (which is in itself doubtful), those 4.59 million members would only equate to 153 per ward/branch—plenty of room!


15.3 million members and 30,000 wards and branches. That's 520 members in each ward and branch. Wow! How do they squeeze so many people into each building?!?


Lowest growth rate percentage wise since 1937.257402 converts, 114550 births yet only an overall increase of 261862. So where did the other 110090 disappear to? Surely not all in the ground. Third year in a row with a significant drop in reported gains. And all this going on with the one time rise in the number of missionaries out in the field. It appears all is not well along the Jordan River (not to be confused with the River Jordan.)Year Total Total New % Growth2012 14,782,473 341,127 2.31%2013 15,082,028 299,555 2.03%2014 15,372,337 290,309 1.92%2015 15,634,199 261,862 1.70%


The population of the United States is well over 300 million people. The LDS claim of 15.6 million members, which includes the worldwide total of members the LDS church has a very small amount of members. The total 15.6 includes all on the churchs membership rolls, both active and inactive. The only way to remove your name from the rolls is to send a special request to have your name dropped from the roll.


How many people are still being counted as members who left without having their names removed or are inactive? Hasn't the LDS church had around 15 million members for over a decade? It would seem that by now they would reach 20 million members or even further. Especially with the aggressive missionary program. Scientology also claims to have over 15 million members. Other than movie stars such as Tom Cruise, do you personally know any members of the Church of Scientology?


I hope everyone enjoys me coming on this site and biyatching about the Mormons daily. It sure gives me a sense of worth.


Dear impostor, your Mormon god must be proud of you; breaking whatever rules necessary to lie for your "lord" is something Monson exemplifies, so why not let it work for you too, right? Think about that as you piously watch conference today; think about why it is that Mormon "truth" must be so heavily fortified, rationalized, sanctified, sanitized and glorified. Mormon "truthiness" can't stand on it own--it requires a legion of liars propping it up; you're just another duplicitous cheater helping the team. Hope you find something better real soon.


Golly, how exciting!! At that rate, they'll be a major religion in as few as 800 years. Never mind the fact that there will always be more ex-Mormons and inactive Mormons than active ones, but who's counting? OH! YOU are.

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