Rendering of new FamilySearch Library in Ogden

A new FamilySearch Library was announced Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, at a Family History conference at Weber State University. This photo is taken from a power point presentation shared at the conference. Ground breaking is expected to take place in October.

OGDEN — A new FamilySearch Library will unofficially be located south of the Ogden temple next to the Children’s Museum, said Elder Steven M. Petersen, Farr West, area seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Petersen made the announcement Saturday as he spoke at Weber State University for the Ogden Family History Conference.

Proper permits still must be obtained for that exact location, Petersen said, adding that location next to the temple is key.

“I know this is the work of Jesus Christ,” Petersen said as he announced the new library.

He encouraged those in attendance to show others, especially the younger generation, how to do family history work, not just tell them of its importance. 

“To show how is more important than to tell how,” Petersen said.

The announcement came at the end of a long speech where Petersen showed slides of quotes from leaders of the church about the importance of family history work. He involved 15 local kids in reading and explaining the meaning of the quotes.

He emphasized a need to involve youth in the work of family history.

Also speaking at the conference was Elder Marlin K. Jensen, Huntsville, a general authority emeritus and former historian of the church.

Jensen also emphasized the importance of the library’s proximity to the temple.

“Family history is shipping. The temple is receiving,” he said, meaning that temple covenants for the dead made in the temple were dependent on family history work first being done.

Jensen pointed to the vision of former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey for the developments in downtown Ogden that started with the renovation of the temple.

Jensen said Godfrey came to him asking for an audience with the First Presidency of the church.

After Godfrey explained the need he saw to renovate the temple, Jensen said then-Church President Gordon G. Hinckley said he would take his words “under advisement.”

A short time later, the church announced plans to renovate the temple, Jensen said.

Metal image of tree by Elder Steven Petersen

This metal image of a tree was shared by Elder Steven Petersen, area seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as a visual aid to discuss family history. Petersen said all the branches of the tree and all the roots are needed, just as all members of the family, past and present, are needed for salvation.

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