OGDEN — The Ogden FamilySearch Library’s quarterly third Saturday lecture will be focused on the history of the Ogden LDS temple, both the old and the new.

Lynn Arave will speak at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, in Room 12 of the library, at 539 24th St. in Ogden. 

“This lecture will be of interest to those who saw the building of the original Ogden temple as well as those who witnessed that temple replaced by the new Ogden temple,” said Wayne Decker, a library volunteer.

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Decker said Arave will share many insights during his lecture, called “History of the Ogden Temple: Past and Present.”

Arave is the co-author of an official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called “Rededication: History of the Ogden, Utah Temple, 2014.” 

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The Layton resident is formerly of Ogden and attended Roy High School. He graduated from Weber State University with degrees in communication-journalism and human performance.

His career included 32 years at Deseret News as a sports writer, feature writer and as a city desk reporter and editor.

Arave’s experience includes covering Utah radio stations for 26 years and General Conference and the LDS church for 18 years, according to his biography.

After retiring from the Deseret News at the end of 2010, he was a correspondent for the Standard-Examiner for three years, reporting on Syracuse City and contributing a weekly history column, “Ogden History Bin.” 

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Arave works part-time for Layton City as a news specialist, writing the city’s newsletter and stories on the city’s webpage. He also has an occasional history column in the Deseret News.

Included among Arave’s five books is “Walking Salt Lake City” (Wilderness Press, $17.95) co-written with Ray Boren.

One of Arave’s blogs, titled “The Mystery of Utah History,” often is used by fourth- and seventh-grade Utah history classes.

For additional information, call 801-626-1132.

You may reach reporter JaNae Francis at jfrancis@standard.net or 801-625-4228. Follow her on Twitter at @JaNaeFrancisSE or like her on Facebook at Facebook.com/SEJaNaeFrancis.

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