RIVERDALE — C is for Crumbl Cookies.

The popular gourmet bakery chain opened the doors to its Riverdale location at the end of June, to the delight of Northern Utah residents with a sweet tooth.

Crumbl, which was founded by two cousins in Logan in 2017, specializes in large chocolate chip and frosted sugar cookies, with new, additional flavors each week. The bakery also has locations in Layton, Logan and Bountiful, and has expanded operations to six other states.

Located at 809 W. Riverdale Road, in Riverdale Town Square, Crumbl’s newest Utah store smells like delicious heaven from the moment you walk in. The bakery has a soothing, pink and white decor and a wide open floor plan, so visitors can watch Crumbl employees bake and package cookies as they wait to order.

On the counter, next to the register, sits a tray that displays cookies available to order. While the bakery’s signature sugar and chocolate chip cookies are always available, Crumbl changes the other flavors weekly, advertising them on its Facebook page and website.

Cookies are available for $3 apiece, $10 for a box of four, and $25 per dozen. The store also delivers cookies to customers hankering for a bite.

In an effort to better inform the public on these delicious desserts, Standard-Examiner newsroom employees tried the Crumbl’s flavors for the week for July 15-20. (It was a real trial, trust us.)

Here’s what we thought about each:

Crumbl 16

A lemon glazed cookie from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Topped with a translucent lemon icing and a lemon slice in the middle, this sweet little cookie is the perfect summer treat.

Taste verdict: Crumbl’s lemon glaze cookie was the definite favorite in the Standard-Examiner newsroom. It’s not as sugary sweet as some of the other cookies in the bunch, but the lemon flavor is just subtle enough to get your mouth watering. If you’re a fan of lemon bars (or just the lemon bar crust), this is the cookie for you.

Crumbl 15

A salted caramel cheesecake from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Of all the cookies we purchased from Crumbl, the salted caramel cheesecake was the most visually appealing of the bunch. It’s a warm, light brown cookie topped with a cream cheese icing and swirls of caramel sauce. Mmmm. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on these.

Taste verdict: The salted caramel cheesecake tasted as good as it looked — especially the cream cheese frosting. It’s a decadent dessert, one that should be savored as you eat. Some may find this cookie a little too rich, so we recommend eating it in smaller portions rather than all at once.

Crumbl 14

A sand dollar cookie from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Looking freshly plucked from the sand, this super-cute cookie has a dusting of sugar and cinnamon on the surface, and thin slices of almonds forming the distinctive star-shaped pattern of a sand dollar.

Taste verdict: Fans of snickerdoodles won’t be disappointed with the sand dollar. While several of the other cookies were a little too rich for our tastes, this cinnamon sugar cookie is the perfect level of sweet. You can easily gobble this cookie up in one session — and then go back for another.

Crumbl 12

A beach ball cookie from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Delicious chocolate M&Ms surrounded by a browned exterior.

Taste verdict: In our opinion, the only way these cookies could be better is if they were made with oatmeal. It’s a pretty basic cookie, although the M&Ms add a distinctive crunch that Crumbl’s other cookies lack. Definitely pick this one over plain old chocolate chip.

Crumbl 13

A Shark Attack sugar cookie from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Typically, Crumbl’s chilled sugar cookies have a light pink frosting. This week, Crumbl is celebrating “Shark Week” and decorated the sugar cookies with light blue frosting and shark gummies on top.

Taste verdict: Wow. This is a lot of sugar. Like ... a lot. This is the type of cookie where, after two bites, you think, “Wow, my teeth hurt because there is so much sugar!” This is not a cookie meant for sensitive adults who get sugar headaches within five minutes of consumption. This is the kind of cookie you give to your nieces and nephews to hype them up before you send them home to their parents as a passive-aggressive form of revenge.

Crumbl 11

A chocolate chip cookie from Crumbl Cookies in Riverdale.


Appearance: Just your basic, run-of-the-mill chocolate chip cookie.

Taste verdict: Chocolate chip is one of Crumbl’s old faithful flavors and we can see why. It’s a satisfying cookie with large, gooey chocolate chips sprinkled throughout the body. When compared to some of the more exciting flavors, however, it falls short. But only a little.

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