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Pieces of Lucky Slice Pizza wait to be served Friday, July 29, 2016, at Lindquist Stadium in Ogden.

Cute kids and pizza. The two are meant to go together. But unlike pineapple and ham, the kids don’t belong on the pizza, they just love to eat it.

The fine folks at Lucky Slice Pizza shared a video on “The 7 Styles of Eating Pizza,” featuring “outstanding help from Mrs. Anderson's First Grade class at DaVinci Academy.”

Here are the styles these kids share:

1. The Classic Fold

2. The Plate Assist

3. The Flat-liner

4. The Grip & Rip

5. The Utilitarian (Fork & Knife)

6. The Pizza Burrito

7. The Pizza Sandwich

You should watch — but be warned: It will make you want pizza. And maybe to have kids. But definitely to have pizza.

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