OGDEN — Offbeat locations are part of Steiny’s Family Sports Grill’s cachet. Just finding them seems like winning a warmup contest.

But once inside, forget about the odd navigational journey. Prepare to be enticed by a flavorful variety of stadium dogs, chicken wings, spicy fries, a heavy-hitter burger lineup, beers and more.

The restaurant’s original location opened in 2010 down a side street in the older part of Business Depot Ogden, at 119 N. 600 West. It takes up the unspectacular north end of a World War II-era warehouse, but inside it’s cozy like a corner bar.

Five years later, Steiny’s southern location debuted in a similarly unusual place: the ground floor of an inward-facing office building at the northwest corner of Harrison Boulevard and Country Hills Drive.

Steiny's Family Sports Grill 03

The bar and dining area at Steiny's Family Sports Grill on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, on Country Hill Drive.

“We’ve cut a decent little niche,” said John Stein, who owns the restaurants along with his wife, Jodi, and his brother Joey. “Our locations are not really traditional.”

He said the restaurant does strong lunchtime business and leverages the sports bar atmosphere in the evenings. Diners are surrounded by big screens showing all manner of live sporting events, and the south location features a patio alcove bordered by a landscaped waterfall and pine trees.

Fans of sports grill fare will be comforted by the depth of Steiny’s menu.

How about 30 tons of chicken wings? Stein said that’s how many wings the two Ogden restaurants and the latest Steiny’s location in Logan sold last year.

Steiny's Family Sports Grill 07

The Chicken Wings at Steiny's Family Sports Grill on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, on Country Hill Drive.

Those wings lead off the pre-game section with the first significant decision: Extra hot, hot, medium, mild, sweet and hot, or teriyaki sauce? Ranch or bleu cheese dressings are available.

Selection continues in the fries column, with spicy Cajun fries, garlic fries, or regular or cheesy fries.

“It’s frightening to think how many fries I’ve cooked,” Stein said.

Steiny’s MVP burgers also pack powerful variety, such as the Eddie burger, topped with a spicy Polish sausage.

Steiny's Family Sports Grill 04

The Eddie Burger topped with Polish sausage at Steiny's Family Sports Grill on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, on Country Hill Drive.

Not to be overlooked by the hungriest eaters is the Steiny Challenge 2-pound burger. This triple cheeseburger packs on a hot dog, sliced polish sausage, ham, lettuce and pickle. Served daily from 4-10 p.m., it’s priced at “free or $20.”

Other popular items are the Steiny’s Philly cheesesteak or chicken sandwiches, and the spicy garlic Philly.

Steiny's Family Sports Grill 06

The Spicy Garlic Philly at Steiny's Family Sports Grill on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, on Country Hill Drive.

Hot dogs include the Home Wrecker, powered by spicy mustard, sweet relish, diced onion and jalapenos; the Spicy Polish; the Steiny Dog with chili, diced onions, jalapenos and grated cheddar; and the Beer Brat, dressed with sauerkraut, diced onions, red pepper flakes and spicy mustard.

The restaurants’ sports motif comes naturally to the Stein brothers. John was the Ogden Raptors’ vice president for 16 years and remains a part owner of the minor league club. Joey ran the Lindquist Field concessions.

John Stein said the ballpark experience gave them a lot of ideas.

“And because we are family owned and operated, we treat it like that,” John Stein said. “We have always tried to just do the right thing and offer a good product at a good price with good portions.”

He said the brothers, who moved to Ogden in the early 1990s from Las Vegas, patronized family owned restaurants in Nevada and toyed with thoughts of opening one in Ogden.

“We talked about it for many years and we finally said let’s do it or don’t,” he said. “Let’s just dive in or forget it.”

Stein said he hears often from new customers, “We never knew you were here.”

“That’s how we go,” he said. “Just tell 10 friends. We’re very grass roots, just mom and pop.”

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