Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co.

Javier Chavez Jr. has launched sales of beer at his small brewery, Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co. In this Aug. 30, 2018, photo, he points out details of the firm's logo at his small Ogden locale.

OGDEN — Javier Chavez Jr. has started offering up his beer, inspired by the flavors of Mexico, at the “mini-microbrewery” he operates at the rear of his father’s Mexican restaurant.

He held a soft launch of Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co.‘s offerings last week, and will resume sales, in limited quantities, starting Saturday, from noon to 7 p.m. The locale is located at 205 W. 29th St., to the rear of Javier’s Authentic Mexican Food restaurant there.

For now, Chavez is selling in small quantities, just one 12-ounce bottle per customer, because he’s brewing in small quantities, just five-gallon batches. An amber ale and an India pale ale will be for sale.

Going forward, after Saturday’s public launch, plans call for the locale to be open on Friday and Saturday from noon to 7 p.m., subject to availability of beer. “Small batch beers may run out. And we may close early as a result,” he said.

Chavez, a lawyer, decided to launch his small-batch brewery, aiming to offer beer that pairs well with Mexican food. A handful of other breweries have launched, expanded or are in the works here in Ogden.

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