OGDEN — What goes best with fresh-roasted coffee? Fresh-baked cakes, muffins and sweets, of course.

That’s the idea behind a new downtown Ogden venture from the owners of Jessie Jean’s Coffee Beans & Homestyle Cafe, a restaurant that’s operated in Roy for 17 years.

Black Lotus — a cozy, 700-square-foot coffee bar and bakery — is slated to open sometime in mid-October at 2411 Kiesel Ave. The business will serve drip coffee, specialty espresso drinks, a wide variety of baked goods and a few simple lunch options.

Opening a spot in Ogden has been a longtime dream of Ron and Anna Davidson, the co-owners of Jessie Jean’s.

“We live in Ogden, and there just isn’t really a place to get a homemade slice of cake or a homemade cream puff,” Anna said. “You know, you can get cupcakes, but they’re super fancy and expensive. I’m not a super fancy type of gal.”

To that end, Black Lotus will offer homemade cheesecakes, muffins, scones, cakes, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter bars and more. The sweets aren’t extravagant, just tasty. Or as Anna says, “just a good old, I-want-to-eat-a-piece-of-that cake.”

The bakery side of the business is Anna’s baby; the coffee roasting side is Ron’s. In addition to espresso drinks and teas, Black Lotus will have several of Ron’s blends on tap — probably a light, two medium and a dark roast each day, Anna said.

Ron, who has been roasting for five or six years, also has a slew of flavored coffee options. He’s even created one that’s specific to Black Lotus, though it was the result of a coffee-roasting mistake. 

He was working in his roasting shed out behind Jessie Jean’s and making a flavored blend called Seventh Heaven. However, he accidentally added a chocolate whiskey flavor to the batch instead of macadamia nut. 

Instead of ditching his work, he decided to see how it turned out. The answer? “It actually tastes so good,” he said. 

And so the shop’s signature flavor — a blend of white chocolate, caramel and chocolate whiskey — was formed. 

Though the idea for this business has been floating around the couple’s heads for a while, things really came together when they met their Black Lotus business partner, Bryan Wrigley, toward the end of last year. 

“When we met Bryan, it was kind of an instant connection on a personal level,” Anna said. “We took our small vision and incorporated it with Bryan’s vision and came up with something together.” 

Wrigley runs Lotus Companies, which he described as a boutique development company. The new business’ name was formed by combining the name of Wrigley’s company with that of Ron’s coffee-roasting business, Black Feather Roasters. 

The three said they connected through their passion for making their community better.

The husband-wife duo sees their coffee and food as a means of bringing people together. The couple likes using their businesses to help people, whether that means hiring at-risk youth or hosting an annual Thanksgiving feast for folks who don’t have anywhere else to go.

“We all see a grander scheme for our lives, and we want to use coffee as a medium for that,” Anna said.

While Jessie Jean’s has a full menu packed with breakfast entrees, burgers, barbecue and more, meals at Black Lotus will be scaled down. Think quick sandwiches with ham, turkey, chicken salad or roast beef, Anna said.

Since the space is small, Black Lotus won’t have a ton of seating. There will be a coffee bar where patrons can sit and plug in their laptops, but for the most part, the shop is designed for downtown Ogdenites to grab their items and head back to the office.

The shop’s colors will be bright and cheery, and the plan is to have a mural on one of the walls.

Though it’s not set in stone, Anna hopes the new business will open around Oct. 15. But one thing is for sure — Black Lotus’ owners are looking forward to be stepping into the Ogden market.

“I’m excited for a new adventure,” Anna said. “It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, and I’m just looking forward to it being done and having this cool piece of us out there.”

Ann Elise Taylor can be reached by phone at 801-625-4213, by email at aetaylor@standard.net or on Twitter at @annelise_taylor.

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You mean people actually drink coffee in Utah??!  I guess if BYU can now sell Coca-Cola and other caffeinated sodas, anything is possible. 


Community based and focused. Homemade grub and delicious coffee. Local Love!!  I dig the passion the Davidson's have for Ogden. Hope you make that October 15th opening, cuz that's my birthday and I'll want-a-piece-of-that cake!!


Getting to be a real battle for the coffee dollar downtown these days.  Gotta wonder at some point how many downtown  coffee shoppes Junction City can support.

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