“Creativity comes with the backing of mindfulness in our space,” said Stephanie DeTar, owner of The Lotus Cafe, Yoga Studio & Shop, who has been cultivating the space of consciousness, wellness and culture since 2012.

A holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor and artist, DeTar’s business reflects a fusion of her artistry and skills. “Creativity plays a big role in all aspects of the business and is expressed in numerous ways, such as the space itself and what that feels like to those that enter, and that creativity is weaved purposefully,” she said.

Last year, the Lotus relocated from its smaller Historic 25th Street location to The Argo House, centered in the Nine Rails Creative District.

The move was a “bright and crisp upgrade that is still tangible,” DeTar said. “The items in the shop are chosen so others can be assisted in their searching or healing, the food is creative as ingredients are mindfully chosen to create an experience, and the studio offers a space for others to find movement and release.”

The sweet and savory offerings at Lotus are crafted consciously with care, from how frostings are dyed (using vegetable raw juice or vegetable powder), to creatively cutting back on sugar without sacrificing taste. “The added esthetics of dried flower or citrus zest are additions as well ... and color plays a big role in what we serve — eat your rainbow,” DeTar said.

Lotus Studio has events, workshops and classes that run the gamut of holistic well-being — yoga (prana, restorative and trauma-based to name a few), massage, breathwork, drum-making, cacao medicine, summer solstice retreats and sound baths are upcoming.

Nick Mann, an Ogden-based Reiki master teacher who hosts the monthly Sound Bath Sunday with Nick and Company at Lotus Studio, says the benefits of a sound bath include heightened relaxation, feelings of peace, deep relaxation and renewed well-being — a sort of “recalibration” that leaves you feeling different than when you walked in.

“My sound baths are completely creative and intuitive,” Mann said. But rather than an artist, he considers himself a vessel. “Everything I do, from energy work to sound, is about letting the universe sing through me.”

Attendees of the sound baths experience an influx of instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, gongs, didgeridoos, drums and more being played directly above them, or resonating through the studio, DeTar said. “All of this is aimed at giving you a soothing and cathartic experience.”

In his sound baths, Mann plays the Quartzophone, a unique instrument of note that he says particularly moves people. The popular Sound Bath Sunday with Nick and Company will continue monthly the rest of the year.

Sacred breath and cacao medicine ceremony is another experience being offered at Lotus, which is paired with Kundalini Yoga movement and breath to enhance the experience of the plant medicine. According to DeTar, cacao is a raw form of chocolate used traditionally in ceremonies as a heart opener for healing.

Coming June 19-20, Lotus, along with Jocelyn Larsen Sackett and Courtney Radtki, hosts a two-day Solstice Summer Retreat with drum-making, flower crown creations and yoga at Mount Ogden Park.

There is a constant flow of new creative healing workshops coming from DeTar’s one-stop wellness spot, where alongside nourishing handmade foods and rejuvenating events you can shop for things like jewelry, incense, tapestries, tarot and oracle cards, essential oils, candles, singing bowls, books, journals, meditation supplies, stones ... and “everything earthy, cultural and eclectic” from around the world or made locally in Ogden.

“My enjoyment in owning Lotus comes most from quietly observing those taking it in and enjoying it and getting something positive from it,” DeTar said. “That is the true creativity, to build something that people feel and respond to and that becomes their own experience, which is art.”

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