It’s a Tuesday morning, but it could be any day. Sitting on one side in the 25th Street Waffle Love is a couple on the same side of the table. Across from them, under the incandescent bulbs strung from the high ceiling, is a mother with two small children.

Despite being headquartered in American Fork, Waffle Love has been an indelible part of downtown Ogden since 2012. It’s the meeting spot. It’s where adults and children, families and friends, breakfast and lunch can all come together. Where else does each table come adorned with mason jar salt and pepper shakers and a half-empty bottle of Valentina’s Mexican Hot Sauce.

“It’s a fun environment, it’s nice to serve people, it’s fun to make the food, the people are nice,” said Savannah Wahlen, one of the restaurant’s crew leads. She’s worked there for seven months and says it’s the best of the food-service jobs she’s worked.

Everything about the store is bright. Sunlight flows through the front-window facade across the red brick walls and white tables. Pumping in through the speakers is a rotating playlist of pop music that could easily accompany the next coming-of-age teen movie. It creates a feeling of comfort replicated in the food itself. Even the comforts of the menu are tailored to personal tastes.

Going off the sweet menu you can find classic breakfast fare with The Sunshine or a reimagined pastry staple called Cinnalove. All served in steel trays, the Cinnalove is a Belgian waffle with a drizzle of cinnamon butter and cream cheese frosting. The waffle provides a strong base for flavors that replicate a cinnamon roll in a predictable, but enjoyable, way.

The Sunshine comes right out of a picturesque television breakfast. Across and into the crevices of the waffle comes a tart, and somehow sweet, lemon curd. In the center of the waffle is a hearty dollop of house-made whipped cream encircled by 14 raspberries — and one more resting on top.

Waffle Love works hard to make sure that you come for something different. According to Wahlen, the waffles are made with a yeast dough instead of the traditional batter, and almost every item includes at least one house-made topping.

On a savory item like the Chicken Sandwich, that means house-made pickles and the flakier croissant waffle holding everything together. The Chicken Sandwich, which only slightly differs from the Chicken and Waffles, comes adorned with a sauce-and-honey combination that perfectly complements the rest of the dish.

A customer looking for a traditional breakfast sandwich must look no further than the Sausage Sammy. A singular spiced sausage patty and an overflowing pile of scrambled eggs between two croissant waffles offer one of the menu’s best excuses to open the bottle of Valentina’s. But even without the hot sauce, the dish is bursting with flavor.

If you wander in looking for a unique take on a modern millennial classic, the Avocado Toast should satisfy that particular craving. With just three items, the Avocado Toast is simple — and not in a bad way. It's simply a flaky waffle, slices of avocado, and a sprinkling of sea salt that ties the dish together.

For the picky eater in the group, you aren’t left with just the predesigned meals. A build-your-own menu lets you create the sweet treat of your dreams. And if the waffles aren’t enough and you’re craving something to wash them down, Waffle Love sells both hot coffee and cold brew. Like everything else about the company, the coffee is local too, coming from Wasatch Roasting Company.

There are plenty of places to get a meal, but Waffle Love has created an identity that bucks the traditional idea of breakfast and what a waffle can be — both in-store and in the Northern Utah food truck.

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