Celebrating Women Conference

The Celebrating Women Conference will be held Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Weber State University Davis Campus, in Layton.

Connect. Inspire. Thrive.

The second Celebrating Women Conference returns to the Weber State University Davis Campus this weekend, intent on using the above three goals to promote balance and wellness in the lives of women along the Wasatch Front.

The event is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Weber State University Davis Campus, 2750 University Park Blvd., Layton. Cost is $30 per person.

“This is the second year for the conference, so we’re just gaining speed,” said Emma Parkhurst, an assistant professor with the Utah State University Extension and chairwoman of the conference. “There are so many different events out there for couples, or events that are faith-based, and we wanted to offer women across the Wasatch Front an event that was dedicated solely to the balance and wellness of women.”

Parkhurst said the women’s conference will address a number of aspects involving balance and well-being. From organizational tips to “happy hacks” for thriving personally, from presentations of financial wellness to the idea of embracing the aging process, workshops will cover a range of topics.

“A lot of times, when people think of wellness, they think of physical health — exercise and nutrition,” she said. “Those are important, but there’s also the mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.”

Among the workshops offered during the morning session will be “Happy Hacks for Thriving Personally,” by Dave Schramm; “Body Image: Why It’s Important for Our Health and Happiness,” by Paige Smathers; “Living Free of Clutter & Organized at Last,” by Marla Dee; “The Financial Binder,” by Callie Ward; “Mom Hacks 101: Simple, Effective Strategies for Controlling the Chaos,” by Maria Eckersley; “12 Keys to a Healthy Future, Embracing Age,” by Marilyn Albertson; “Live an Extraordinary Life: Discover Your Vision, Passion & Purpose,” by Nicole Bennet; “Bringing Cooking Home,” by Lindsey Hargett; and “Fill Your Cup Efficiently: Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Busy Day,” by Jess Bigler.

Participants will choose three of the above workshops to attend.

“They’ll have a lot of tools you can take home and try out,” Parkhurst said. “These are tips women can take home to improve their overall wellness — ‘self-care’ is that buzz term we think of. This conference will challenge women’s ideas of what self-care is.”

At noon, following the workshops, the keynote address will be given by Brooke Walker, host and executive producer of KSL Studio 5. Her presentation will be “Connect. Inspire. Thrive.”

Parkhurst’s says her goal for women at the conference is to achieve balance and wellness in their lives. That’s the take-home lesson she wants each participant to learn.

“I would hope she walks away with more confidence, more pep in her step, and with the understanding that it’s OK to focus on self,” Parkhurst said. “People think that it’s selfish to focus on oneself, but in reality it’s selfless. Women can’t be their best in society unless they’re taking care of themselves.”

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