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Sunday Drive: Genesis adds a new sedan to lineup with the 2022 G70

By Craig and Deanne Conover - Special to the Standard-Examiner | Jan 8, 2022
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The exterior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The exterior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The exterior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The exterior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The interior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The interior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.
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The interior of the new 2022 Genesis G70.

After having a week with what is arguably the best-looking Genesis sedan to date, we were in complete agreement that this is going to be a great addition to the stable for the young automaker. We found it very fun to drive and completely engaging at a price point that was not expected in a luxury sedan.

Genesis now has a total of seven models in its lineup: three sedans, three SUVs and a new electrified G80 sedan. Over the past six months, we have had the opportunity to get into two of the SUVs and now two of the sedan models as well.

Our last experience was in the G80 sedan back in July. It came equipped with the smaller of the offered engines, a 2.5-liter turbo that makes 300 horsepower in the larger sedan. This time out, the G70 that arrived at our home came with the larger of the two options: a 3.3-liter V-6 turbocharged carryover engine from the last G70 that made up to 373 horsepower in sport mode.

Of the two different experiences, we would have to vote for the more powerful V-6 engine even though we got almost 3 miles per gallon more on the smaller engine in the larger vehicle. The added horsepower gave the Genesis an entirely new dimension.

Luxury is a thing many more people are looking for in their everyday driving lives. However, we have found that when it is combined with a sportier mix, it makes for an even more enjoyable encounter with the vehicle, especially when it comes in the form of a sedan, as the G70 proves.

Just having the extra horsepower under the hood gives the driver more confidence, even if they never really use all the potential that is included. After a week with the G70, we really did not want to give it up, as we looked forward to driving it while performing simple daily tasks like going to the grocery store.

Switching the sedan into sport mode seemed to release an inner being that would come out and propel the G70 with a completely different exhaust note along with a stiffer driving experience. It was almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, if you will.

At this point, the G70 had ample power to really move, getting to 60 in a mere 4.9 seconds. This may not be the fastest car in the luxury sport sedan market, but for a price under $50,000, it would fit our needs while keeping most others in the rearview mirror.

All this fun is wrapped in a skin that would rival any of the current luxury brands on the market. The new look for the G70 is very planted with a front end that radiates confidence and excitement.

The only additional package included in our test ride was the Sports Advanced Package ($4,300). It came with all sorts of goodies including 19-inch wheels with all-season tires and a huge panoramic sunroof that, when opened, gave an almost convertible feel to the drive.

Additionally, there were ventilated front seats, aluminum trim with a sports pattern throughout the cabin, a variable exhaust system, wireless charging and an extremely confident 15-speaker Lexicon audio system.

We must stop here and give pause to the Lexicon brand as it has been legendary in the professional audio business, creating the absolute best gear for adding special effects such as reverb and delay in any live sound environment. They have always set the standard for others to achieve, so we felt it fitting that Genesis would include them in a car audio environment. Hopefully, setting a standard others will try to achieve is one of the goals of the Genesis brand.

Luxury surrounded us inside the new Genesis our week of motoring around Utah County. The seats were Nappa leather-clad and quilted, of course, and were both heated and cooled.

A huge new 10.25-inch, high-definition touch display takes up most of the center console and is used for navigation, radio and other infotainment needs. We loved that it was configurable and would split the screen using different information. The climate controls were located below this screen and were quite easy to use.

Our week with the G70 included a night out at the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Pillar of the Valley event. We were able to take Christi (Craig’s sister) and her husband, Ray, with us while we were surrounded in all the included Genesis luxury. It made for a great night out to an event that featured the legendary Alan Osmond and all the wonderful things he and his family have done to make Utah County a better place to live.

Safety-wise, the G70 is loaded with everything we would have expected from a luxury brand, including forward collision avoidance and assist, blind spot monitoring and avoidance assist, rear cross traffic alert and avoidance, navigation-based smart cruise control and lane following assist.

We especially loved the navigation-based smart cruise control that helps to increase and decrease speeds based on upcoming twists and turns when the cruise is set.

Luxury can now be had in an awe-inspiring sedan from the Genesis brand at a price that’s more affordable than one might think.

Base price: $44,200

Destination charge: $1,045

Price as driven: $49,545


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