Billed as the oldest ATV Jamboree in Utah, Fillmore has been hosting the National ATV Jamboree since 1987. In fact, they claim that it is the first ATV Jamboree to be held in the nation. The dates for this year’s event are set for Tuesday, June 22, through Friday, June 25.

While riders are required to pre-register for the jamboree and pay fees, registration on opening day starts at 9 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. During that time, riders will pick up their packets and choose the rides they would like to take. Registration closes at midnight on June 13 so event planners can put the finishing touches on the jamboree, but there is still time to sign up.

The National ATV Jamboree was the first jamboree I attended when I was a new rider. It was my introduction to the Paiute ATV Trail System. I still think that a jamboree is one of the best ways to learn about where to ride.

Registration fees this year are $120 per person. It may seem like a lot, but it also includes a lot. Riders will be served three hot breakfasts, three full dinners, an ice cream social, a jamboree T-shirt and a swag bag full of coupons, jamboree bucks and other goodies.

Food trucks have found their way to Fillmore in all their varieties and riders have been given 15 jamboree bucks each to buy their dinners Wednesday night, which has been billed as Family Fun Night. There will be a bounce house for kids and swimming for the whole family, along with the ice cream social. An ATV obstacle course will be offered and ATV drag racing for the older kids.

This jamboree is also accommodating those who come early to register on Tuesday. Several two-hour rides are scheduled to whet the riding appetites before the main events begin.

Tuesday also features a new ride that will be offered after the dinner and opening ceremony. Riders are to meet at 8 p.m. for “A Scary Ride in the Dark”. At certain points along the trail, riders will circle their machines and hear stories of murder and intrigue from Fillmore’s annals of history told by people who know how to tell scary stories. They even claim to have their own Sasquatch, but I think they are only pulling my leg, maybe.

In reviewing the rides offered this year, I see some of my favorite trails. The Fillmore Loop, for example, takes you on a ride up Sand Rock Ridge to the top of the mountain. On the second leg, you ride the ridges at over 9,000 feet and feel like you are on top of the world. The third leg drops you down into Chalk Creek Canyon and through some water crossings that are sure to get your feet wet. The Dry Wash/Big Oaks ride is listed as a beginner’s ride, but I think it is a very pretty trail.

Another ride that caught my attention is “The Skeet Shoot.” On this ride, a stop will be made to test your skeet shooting skills. Shotguns and ammo will be provided and a prize will be awarded to the best shot.

Thursday, another night ride is being offered. Since I got a light bar installed on my Teryx 4, I find myself looking for reasons to ride at night. This one is called “The Dark Sky Ride.” When you can get far enough away from light pollution, which doesn’t happen very often in our everyday lives, the night sky offers a celestial experience that will be a highlight of your trip to Fillmore. Bring a comfortable camp chair and plan to spend some time under the stars.

The Paiute Trail System features three trail classifications: 50 inch, 60 inch and open. While half of the rides in the jamboree are on open trails, only two are on 60-inch trails. There are a lot of 50-inch trails at this event that will require smaller machines to be able to enjoy.

Go to to find information on the schedule and a description of each of the rides. When you register, you will notice that the registration form indicates that there will be a breakfast on Saturday morning. That is an error; the closing ceremonies occur after the dinner on Friday evening. When you go, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down and plan to enjoy the events at the Fillmore National ATV Jamboree.

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