What can we say? A truck with a Hellcat engine ... could life really get any better? Since the launch of the new TRX online, we have been very anxious to get our hands on one, as there was no national launch event to get this party started.

With over 700 horsepower, the new Ram 1500 TRX truck was more than exciting to drive and had us looking for any excuse to get out and cover some country, no matter what else was going on. We had our week with the new truck deep in the winter month of February and, of course, it came with some Utah snow to add to our adventure.

Saturday of our test drive dawned dark and gloomy with a very strong rain and snow mix. Since a desert location was out, we figured heading up Hobble Creek Canyon may be our best bet for some snow. There was a couple of inches on the road and some other places with more that, and the new TRX busted through without even thinking twice about it.

The designers have added so much extra off-road capabilities to the new truck that a little snow was nothing for it to get through. This new truck is designed to travel over 100 miles per hour in a desert-type environment and even ford a river that us up to 32 inches deep!

When you think about it, that is almost 3 feet deep. Yea that is a lot of water to be driving through, and going over a 100 mph out on the desert would be exhilarating but maybe just a little crazy. As we found the TRX to be, it had crazy power that kept us wanting more all week long!

Of course, coming from the Hellcat roots, it was only expected that the truck would have a complete track package also, and it did, complete with performance pages, lap times, 0-to-60 timer, 0-to-100 timer and even a quarter-mile timer. Finally, no 700-horse-power truck would be complete without launch control!

And launch it would, as Ram claims it will get to 60 in a mere 4.5 seconds. We became believers, as our fastest for the week was 4.7 seconds and it was really cold all week long, not to mention we are at 4,500 feet in elevation. We had no doubt that at sea level it would get to the 4.5 seconds, but at the end of the day, it was just really, really fast!

But fast is not all that this truck is; it’s made to climb also. With over 13 inches of wheel travel on all four corners of the truck, it would climb most anything. To aid in this and the speed factor, the TRX comes equipped with new 2.6-inch Bilstein Black Hawk e2 adaptive performance shocks and, combined with a five-link coil suspension, made the everyday ride very smooth.

However, smooth was not really the idea the engineers had in mind; it was more how much punishment could the truck take when off-roading?

It seemed they had thought of everything. Even the hood scoop high on the font takes in 50% of the air needed to cool the engine with the other 50% coming through the grill. Of course, all this power and fun comes with a price, as the new TRX starts at $69,995.

With the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi engine and all of the above reasons to go fast, we did manage to get 10.5 miles per gallon combined for our week. We would expect that to increase if this were an everyday driver as the EPA puts the truck at a combined 12 mpg.

Getting in and out of the new TRX was more of a challenge for us as it has been lifted by 2 inches, which may not seem like much but was higher than our truck and with the narrower side steps made it a little harder to get into with all the snow that came on Saturday.

Inside, however, the truck was loaded with creature comforts, as all of the new Ram products can now have. Heated and cooled front and rear seats plus a heated steering wheel made the wintry day and cold mornings easier to bear.

A new item this year for Ram was an all-new heads-up display, which has actually made its debut for the manufacture in the TRX. It would display speed, safety and navigation onto the front windshield, a feature that we have come to love in our vehicles through the years.

The rear seat is loaded with room as was pointed out by our daughter Sadie, who had a couple of chances to ride with us during the week and enjoyed being in the rear, especially with the heated seats!

Safety was abundant in the new TRX, with our test ride upgraded with adaptive cruise control, front emergency braking, rain-sensing wipers, rear cross path detection, and front and rear parking assist. The parking assist alone is worth the extra money as it comes in so handy when parking in tight spots that require the truck to be as close as possible to a wall or other obstacle, and certainly made fitting into the garage that much easier.

Overall, one of the most energetic and entertaining rides we have had in the last year, as it kept us wanting more and more. This is a truck that will set a new standard in speed and off-road abilities. One or our favorite additions was the Easter egg in the bottom of the front console that had a picture of a T-Rex eating a raptor. Very unique indeed!

Base price: $69,995

Price as driven: $87,370

Craig and Deanne Conover have been test-driving vehicles for over eight years and have had the opportunity to drive many makes and models. They receive a new car each week for a weeklong test drive and adventure. They both love having the unique opportunity of trying out new cars. They reside in Springville.

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