Feeling lucky this week? Well, this Sunday is Lucky Penny Day. It’s the day we celebrate in Ogden the luck we get from finding a small, shiny piece of copper with Abraham Lincoln on it. Even more than that, it’s a day where we should acknowledge that saving your pennies in Ogden could add up to dollars in time. Here are a couple of tips to help you start your lucky penny savings habit today:

Round up your purchases: Save your debit and credit card receipts from shopping and round up each one of your receipts, transferring the extra change into a savings account. You won’t miss the change, and it will help build a savings account over time.

Collect your change in a jar or can: Save your coins from cash transactions in a can or jar. When the container fills up, head down to the bank for some coin wrappers, and deposit that money into a savings account. That’s a simple and smart way to use your excess change!

Pay yourself first: When sitting down to pay bills for your electricity, gas, insurance, etc., make a bill out to yourself. Pay yourself first, before the other bills, by transferring some money into a savings account. You can make your transfers automated at the same time each month, just as if it were a bill payment. Any amount will make a difference!

Picture your reward: Saving your lucky pennies will mean more if you can picture what you are saving for. Maybe you want to treat yourself to a special dinner or a summer ice cream social with friends. Put a picture of what you are saving for in Ogden on your smartphone or fridge to remind you what your lucky penny saving success looks like!

Saving money does not have to be a chore, and it’s a smart way to prepare for the future in Ogden. So, start today counting your lucky pennies on the way to better financial habits!

Kaylene Parsons is a district manager for Wells Fargo Bank in Utah.

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