Red cars and horsepower always seem to add up to something magical, and proved to be just that in our week with the 2020 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport.

It’s not often that a manufacturer includes the color of the car in the name, but with the new version of the Infiniti sedan, it turned out to be perfectly fitting, mostly because standing out was as important as driving in the Q50.

Standard, the Q50 comes with 300 horsepower, which would make it a very energetic drive, however the Red Sport, with some tweaking, gets that added bonus of an extra 100 horsepower. With this addition accomplished through a twin-turbo system, the sedan is an extremely captivating drive.

With this much energy on hand, we had to come up with an awesome Saturday adventure for the Q50 to take us on. Being late September, we thought a great mountain trip would be fantastic, not only for the great photos of the bright red car with bright yellow leaves and green pines but also because it would be a good test for the AWD and have the extra power to take on a curvy mountain road.

Deanne, using the Explore Utah website, suggested that we take a trip up into the Park City and Kamas area and perhaps check out the Wolf Creek Pass road. The last time we were on a road that went over a Wolf Creek Pass was a few years ago in a newly-designed Nissan Rogue in Colorado heading down into Pagosa Springs.

Of course, at the time, being that it was night and just starting to snow, we thought of the old song by C.W. McCall “Wolf Creek Pass.” This time, however, the thought was we didn’t know we had a Wolf Creek Pass right here in Utah.

Adding our phones and connecting them to the new Q50 via Apple CarPlay gave us all the information we needed to make the drive, with Siri leading the way.

The Q50 is comes equipped with a new dual HD screen set up, two entirely separated screens one on top of the other. Putting CarPlay on the top screen still allowed us to control radio and climate on the bottom.

Entering the fourth decade as a company, Infiniti is dedicated to keeping new and innovative technologies at the forefront for their customers with the addition of a dual screen set up being a great step in that direction. We would hope that they will soon take some of the additions to the new 2021 Nissan vehicles and implant them to other new technologies.

Being in a beautiful bright red sedan was not only invigorating but had folks looking at us for the entire dive up over Wolf Creek Pass. Putting the Q50 into Sport+ mode would tune the exhaust and add even more excitement to the drive as the note coming from the tailpipes was nothing short of magical.

Even the neighbors were asking questions about the Q50 as we slowly drove through our neighborhood everyday.

The Wolf Creek Pass road proved to be the perfect test for the all the new power and handling abilities of the Q50 as we wound to the top, stopping numerous times to get some photos and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery Utah has to offer. The sedan stayed firmly planted on the road, shifting quickly between gears as the inclines changed numerous times.

It turned out that, after getting to the top of Wolf Creek Pass, Duchesne was only 48 miles away, and it seemed only logical to head that direction to take in even more scenery and to let the gears keep us in check as we descended into the Uinta Basin.

Inside the Q50 proved to be as comfortable as we would have expected from a luxury brand, coming with quilted leather seats that were — of course — heated. A heated steering wheel would have really rounded out the interior as, in the mornings, we are getting into the low 50’s during our test week.

The steering column was also powered, making it easy to get it in just the right spot for an extended drive. Of course, the 16-speaker Bose audio system didn’t hurt on any and all outings in the Q50, delivering rich road-tripin’ music all the way.

There were also four USB ports up front along with an auxiliary audio input for older generation devices.

On the safety side, the Q50 comes with blind spot monitoring, rear cross path and collision intervention, forward emergency braking, and collision avoidance systems. We would love to have seen the new Nissan pro-piolet assist package make into the sedan line, thinking that radar cruise control would have been a great help on the longer drive.

The steering wheel mounted paddle shifters along with the ability to shift the sedan in to manual mode made any drive way more interesting, especially on the twisty mountain roads, giving the Q50 more of a couple-like feel as we climbed and descended differing terrains, even through the vehicle will run through the gears just fine on its own

A beautiful fall day, a bright red car and an awesome Utah backway proved to make for a magical day while driving the new Infiniti Q50 Red Sport. We love that there are still manufacturers committed to making automobiles that are engaging and fun to drive, as with this years’ version of the Q50, it is all that and more.

Base price: $55,250

Price as driven: $60,475

Craig and Deanne Conover have been test-driving vehicles for over eight years and have had the opportunity to drive many makes and models. They receive a new car each week for a weeklong test drive and adventure. They both love having the unique opportunity of trying out new cars. They reside in Springville, Utah.

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