This past week we had the opportunity to drive one of our favorite SUVs in the Volkswagen line — the Tiguan! This is a great mid-sized SUV and so easy to get around in, we always have a good time motoring it around. However having a chance to drive it during the summer months gave us the opportunity to try out some mountain terrain.

With the introduction of the new Atlas SUV that is larger than anything VW has ever created, it only makes sense that the new Tiguan gets a design that has grown an enormous 10.6 inches in length. We have to ask, who does that in the automotive world? Smaller and more efficient seems to be the norm, not for VW they are growing up in more ways than one!

What we really liked about the new Tiguan other and the great Cardinal Red Metallic color that our test ride came in was how easy it was to maneuver in city traffic, and small enclosed spaces. I had no trouble at all getting in and around the parking garage at work, which can be very confining especially with the extra 10-plus inches the Tiguan has grown.

After a week, we came to the conclusion that VW has made a longer SUV but kept the tight turning radius, which we would have expected from something more like the VW Golf. The SUV is growing into a very mainstream vehicle that is sure to catch any active mom’s attention especially with the third row option available across the line.

We were extremely impressed with the new look as it really now sets itself apart from the longer Golf Alltrack as a true SUV, the design is doing well in the American market. When equipped with Volkswagens 4Motion all-wheel drive system it makes for a great vehicle to tackle anything Mother Nature throws at it!

This time around with the Tiguan we had the opportunity to drive the top trim in the line, and were very impressed with the options and interior design of the SUV. The SEL came standard with safety features of forward collision warning with emergency brake assist, blind spot monitoring and rear cross path detection along with adaptive cruise control and automatic high beam assist.

The included frontal collision warning and brake assist comes with a high recommendation as Deanne was almost in an accident in her SUV on Interstate 15 while traveling home through southern Utah when all traffic came to a stop in front of her and her SUV started braking before she could get to the brake. It did stop her before hitting the car in front, if only the guy behind her had the same technology in his car. It did however turn what could have been a very bad accident into a minor fender-bender.

Moms are going to love this new, longer version of the Tiguan for the simple fact that they can haul up to six kids comfortably and most likely still get everything they need for the day in the rear of the vehicle that features 12 cubic feet of space even with the third row seat up and full of kids.

Put down the third row and that number climbs to 33 cubes and an enormous 65 cubic feet with all seats in the down position. Another great standard option is that the 2nd row of seats can recline and slide forward and back up to 7 inches.

Inside the seats of the SEL model were clad in leatherette which proved to be a comfortable ride for the week, they of course were also heated up front along with the steering wheel. The seats proved to be very comfortable and easy on our backs during our week with the Tiguan.

The SEL version of the Tiguan came complete with a standard 8-inch infotainment touchscreen that worked very well with hooking up our phones through the Bluetooth connection. Over the past few years VW has changed their infotainment system and brought it from what was a very clunky system to an industry leading system, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in all models.

Our favorite part of this Tiguan was the inclusion of the new Volkswagen digital cockpit, which puts a huge high-definition LED screen in place of all the gauges. This can be configured in many different ways, along with making it a full screen of navigation which was very helpful when we needed to find our way around.

The longer Tiguan comes equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo charged four-cylinder power plant that performs very well in the larger vehicle. It produces 184 horsepower and 221 ft.-lbs. of torque, and is hooked to very nice eight-speed transmission that skipped through the gears with ease. The only hesitation came at times under heavy acceleration it had a hard time deciding if a downshift was needed, we averaged just over 25 mpg during out week with the VW.

Our test model was equipped with the 4Motion that allows the VW to actually drive with the front wheels only unless traction is needed in the rear at then it will send power to those wheels. It will also brake any wheel that is spinning and sending power to the other side wheel to help with traction, this all happens in milliseconds. After a week in Utah, including some off road adventure with the Tiguan, we would highly recommend this addition, it would so help mom get around without concern with all the kids!

The new Tiguan will prove to be a great family hauler and a fantastic choice for any active mom and kids, being large enough for the entire family and gear. It is still so very easy to maneuver and get around taking care of all the day’s needs.

Base price $37,195

Price as Driven $38,190

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