Ticaboo Resort 01

Entering the Narrows Canyon near the Ticaboo Resort

While Lake Powell is just coming into its season of water sports, prime time for the ATV trails is over. People who use the Ticaboo Resort as a recreational base for riding during the summer will take to the high mountain trails of the Henry Mountains.

While the Henrys can be accessed from Ticaboo, the trails that can be ridden from the resort are best taken in the spring or fall seasons. Thus the extended recreational season makes this a great place for a getaway.

Another reason to put Ticaboo on your list of places to go is the lack of light pollution at night. I love a good night ride and this is the place to do it. Riding out on a cool night from the resort with the light bar to a secluded spot to view the splendor of the night sky — it just doesn’t get better than that. Well, you have to turn off your lights first.

One of the trails from the lodge is called, “The Narrows at Ticaboo.” The NUATV club took this trail south out of the parking lot. Following on the west side of Highway 276, this sandy trail crosses Hansen Creek as it winds through the high desert of Southern Utah.

We were riding at 4,000 feet in elevation. While the canyon walls rose on either side of us, our elevation did not change much. We actually dropped 150 feet to 3,850 feet, but the descent was so gradual that it wasn’t noticeable.

The walls began to close in upon us until there was just enough room to squeeze a UTV through the gap. Once through, the canyon widened again. We followed the trail until we reached the boundary of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

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Ticaboo Resort 02

The squeeze at the Narrows Canyon near the Ticaboo Resort

As I understand it, we were not to be riding within the boundaries of Glen Canyon. Had we been able to continue, we would have connected with the Burr Trail. That trail is on my bucket list, but I would probably take that one in my truck from Boulder.

We took a break and then headed back the way we came. Squeezing through the Narrows once more, we finished a ride of just over 17 miles. We took this ride in the middle of May which is on the edge of warm for the season.

With plenty of daylight left in the afternoon, we ventured out on another trail. This one took us north and west of the resort looping around to the east past Ant Knolls and across Highway 276.

This sandy trail took us a little higher as we wound through the desert on a quest for a point that would overlook Lake Powell. Passing through South Fork, which was dry, we turned south and east after passing Wild Horse Spring.

Following further, we came out on a point that overlooked Good Hope Bay on Lake Powell. The elevation at the overlook was 4,900 feet.

From our vantage point, we could see the water. It wasn’t very close, but the view made me appreciate the boulder-like landscape that makes up the canyon walls that encase this popular lake. It is part of what makes it such a hot spot for people who are into water sports.

I loved seeing the deep blue color of the water in the lake. I am fascinated by the different hues of the bodies of water I have seen – from the Utah lakes to the ocean waters of the world. Well almost all, the color of the Green River the last time I passed through Green River, Utah was a muddy green.

Leaving the overlook, we rode by Ticaboo Mesa as we completed a loop heading back to the resort. As I rode, I could see a lot of trails that would be fun to explore on another day.

Finishing the ride, I noted that my GPS put the miles at just under 31. This trail is one that I think would make a good night ride. When you go, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down, and consider a good night ride on the trails at the Ticaboo Resort.

Ticaboo Resort 03

The view of Good Hope Bay on Lake Powell

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